Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today is the day . . . . . Go VOTE!!!!

 Today is the day, folks!! November 6, 2012!!
Today is the day that YOU get to make your voice heard . . . but you need to go to the polls!!
No matter who you are voting for, I hope you get out there and make your choices.
This has been a very nasty campaign, by all sides. Millions of dollars spent and, in my opinion, generally wasted. But that is todays campaigns.
Tomorrow morning, it will be over. I hope and pray that when it IS over, WE, the people of this great country can mend our differences and get back on track. After all, if WE can't resolve to work together, how can we expect our politicians to work together?
So, EVERYONE, don't put it off!! Go VOTE!!!
And when you are done, please say a prayer for this great nation.
Thank you!!