Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Just listed!  Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Jewelry.  Made using a reverse painting process, most often beach scenes, are mounted on bits of real Blue Morpho Butterfly wings.  The jewelry from my collection date from the 1920s or so to the 50s.  

As I understand it, these pieces were mostly offered as souvenirs in South America--places like Rio in Brazil.  I have always been attracted to iridescence, and just couldn't resist collecting this type of jewelry for a while. The flash of blue is stunning.  The beach scenes romantic.

I like the unique detail of this jewelry; since the reverse paint process is done by hand, each piece is different.

Can't you just see Lucille Ball decked out in this stuff?

Blue Morpho Butterfly wing jewelry is still being made today!  There are many examples of contemporary art jewelry available on the net.

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