Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Through the Years Plate by Don Ruffin

This has always been a favorite of mine~a Native American couple in their twilight years. Faces lined like fine leather, this aged chief and his wife stand together, treasuring their past, present and future. No matter what has gone before, they sustain the knowledge that they have each other.

Don Ruffin, the famed Arizona Highways Magazine artist, had much of his work produced on plates by Artist of the Worlds in 70's and early 80's. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could see all his plates released. This is a beautiful rendition of his work! And if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful plate, just click on the picture.

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Blogging New Listings

I have decided to deal with listing the new items I have been wanting to get listed, and also to blog. Now I cannot keep up with Fleapirates, but I can do some, from time to time. So here is my offerings of newly listed items on OLA:

Beautiful Deer Planter 1575


Awesome Fish Planter #1592


Hanging Turtle Flower Pot #1587


Brown Cow Planter #1586


Do you see a theme here? It is so hot that I am putting off going outside in the heat and am listing things I would like to be doing, like planting. When it cools off I will plant, but until then I will be listing more items and blogging about them. You can see all I have to offer by going to ChateyCathey's Collections.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog and see a few of the planters I have to sell you, along with lots of other items!

Be safe, be healthy and be happy.

2006 Wolverine Origins #6 Marvel Comic Book Direct Edition

Wolverine Origins is by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon. This Marvel Comic Book was issued in 2006. It is #6. This is a Direct Edition.

Wolverine Origins is in near-mint condition. It will arrive in a clear plastic sleeve, with a cardboard stabilizer.

Click here for purchasing info!

Offered by FleaPirates, at OnlineAuction.com.