Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Seller of the Month!!!

I would like to introduce you to Callmemomo!! She is the seller of the month for May!!

Here is her story:
"I began selling online in 1999, but just as a little hobby on another site. I didn't really begin in earnest until I discovered OLA in 2008.

I started selling because I had started buying at the other site and thought it might be fun. Also, I had come across a product everyone was looking for and no one seemed to have but me. Remember the Pokedex? Probably not, but, it was "hot" and I managed to get some when EVERYONE was looking for them. That was fun!!! It became a fun thing for me to do in my "spare" time.

I'm not sure what the most interesting thing I've bought is because half my house is from OLA!! But the most "intriguing" thing I've sold was and old brass incense burner, I think. I go to estate sales, yard sales, charity sales, etc. and had picked it up for $1.00 and it went a little crazy here on OLA and sold for something like $35.00. Who knew? The most fun I've had was doing the Rummage Sale in 2008. I wouldn't mind doing one of those again. That was fun!!

OLA is definitely my biggest, most time-consuming hobby, but I also crochet, sew, watch movie marathons with hubby, research on the internet random stuff that pops into my head and do whatever spontaneous things hubby or my son suggests we do for that day.

Creating an OLA house … the biggest things are making it attractive but not overbearing and making sure your categories are there. It's important if someone is looking for that "special" item, not to make them go through pages and pages of items to get there. They won't do it. I have tons of listings, but I also have all the categories for them. It's a very useful aid. I would suggest for your listings to take a picture like there is no description and describe like there is no picture. And PROMOTE yourselves! It's your business and that's part of the "job", but it's also part of the fun!! And fun is as important as anything else."

Now, not only would I like to congratulate Momo but also tell you about what I got in the mail the other day!! An awesome bag, crafted by Momo!! A one of a kind item and it is absolutely wonderful!! I just love it!! (It's actually a gift or I'd show it to you!!)

She has some other fabulous bags and purses, though!!

So, you see she has more!! Just pop over to her store and check out all that she has!! I just got the alcohol stove and bag . . . . may have to pop in for more!!!