Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dreaded Hair Washing Ordeal

Oh..the dreaded hair washing time! I don't know about you, but I have 3 kids that just HATE getting their hair washed. They cannot stand the water running down their faces. No matter what I tried, it was always a fight and cry fest.

As most of you know, I have 2 Autistic children. These 2 children, as well as most children, need to have a stable, comfortable routine in their lives. That is the main goal and key factor to their survival. When any change or new entity threatens them, they act out to the extreme. Once it gets to that point, it takes hours to calm them down. This was the scene with the hair washing incidents.

Even though they knew they were going to take their showers each night, they still would freak out with the hair washing. They felt a loss of control thereby causing the dreaded meltdown. Now, even children with no disabilities, like my 5 year old, can be deathly afraid of the hair washing. It seems to be pretty common among young children.

I have found a wonderful solution to this problem.

When you have your child in the shower, or even the bath, simply have them tilt their head back to look up at the ceiling, place a small face towel in THEIR hands and have them hold it over their face. Let them know you are going to be running the water over their hair and have them..and you..count to 5 out loud. Let them know that when they get to 5, you will stop the water flow and they can take the towel away from their face. Let them take a break, and repeat the steps. Trust me, it will work! If it takes a few times that is fine. Eventually, they will accept it as it gives them a little control during this most chaotic time.

I have used this idea on all of my children and I have shared this with many mothers with the same problem. It is such a simple thing to do, but believe me, it will take the stress of that dreaded hair washing time!

Please remember, when it comes to calming the fears of any child, patience is the way to go! Let them know you are there for them and you love them. There will be many fearful things in their lives, but you will be there to listen and help them overcome anything.

Stop by Jewelry by Christopher to find something pretty to reward yourself for all of your hard work as a Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin or Caregiver. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to help children with Autism.

Zebra Print Bed in a Bag

This has to be one of the most stunning bedding sets I have ever laid my eyes on! I am a huge fan of black and white so to me, this Zebra Print Queen Size Bed in a Bag is my first choice when it comes to making some drastic, but gorgeous, changes in the home!

This set offers 200 thread count 50/50 cotton blend materials and a stunning appearance that no one will miss! You will receive a queen size comforter, 2 pillow shams, a queen size bed skirt and a complete queen size sheet set. Everything you need to start the bedroom remodeling! This is quite the set for the price! Not to mention it is absolutely gorgeous..did I say that already?

As I stated in an earlier post, purchase your bedding set first, then move on to the rest of the bedroom. It will be so much easier that way. With the simplicity of the black and white, you can pretty much choose which ever wall color you would like. You can blend it in with white, or totally go off on a tangent with purple. Which ever you choose, it will work and work well! This set will be the focal point of your bedroom, no doubt about that!

Stop by Irresistible Elegance today and see what other beautiful bedding sets I have for you and your entire family!

If you are interested in becoming a member of OLA, please feel free to stop by, have a look around and sign up! It is totally free to become a member. We have the best atmosphere on the net!

EXPOSED Debuts in Chat Forum

The EXPOSED thread is up! It's located in the Special Events and Weekly Games forum. Let me know what you think of the game logo and mascot... lol...

Here is the direct link:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

SellerBuzz Radio Plays "eCommerce: Fact or Fiction" Tonight!

Tonight, July 29th, SellerBuzz Radio welcomes Fredrick Nijm to play "eCommerce: Fact or Fiction?". For the last 2 weeks, listeners have been emailing their questions to me about eCommerce.

For instance: Everyone says selling online is easy. Is it? Is that a fact or is it fiction? Fred and I will answer that question and about 20 others! Will we agree on everything? Not likely... lol...

Join me for some entertaining and educational discussion and find out what you want to know and need to know about eCommerce!

It all happens LIVE tonight!

8:05 pm Eastern
7:05 pm Central
6:05 pm Mountain
5:05 pm Pacific

See You There!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Garden History Chapter 16

Mounting Solar Lights on a Fence

In my last garden post I took pictures of the solar yard lights that my husband modified so they could be on the fence. VR, a blog reader, left a comment and suggested that I make a snapshot and explain what my hubby did to adapt the lights.

I told my hubby and he was happy to provide a few instructions. Since these lights are designed to be on the ground and we wanted them on the fence there had to be an off set because of the size of the solar top. Now, I suppose wood blocks come in all shapes and sizes and my husband could have purchased a prefab but he likes to recycle things so he used some of his scrap wood instead.

He cut a 2 x 4 board into 4 inch sections then cut the same amount of pieces into 4 inch sections using a 1 x 4 board. He used deck or drywall screws to fasten the two pieces together. This made a nice little block. Then he sprayed the blocks with black enamel paint. He then mounted 1/2 inch Plastic Conduit Clamps on the block to hold the light fixture. The little pipe that comes with the light, now, just slips right into the clamps and the lamp’s lower ring rests on the block once the block has been mounted to the fence. Neat idea, huh?

I think it makes a lot more light in a small space. To get a better idea, here are the close up pictures that I took.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Collecting Little Golden Books

Here is what you should look at when buying Little Golden Books.

First, I would check the condition of the Book. Is the title page written in? Are the pages torn and dirty, or clean and crisp? Are there any crayon or ink marks throughout the book? Is the Book Spine damaged or intact? Are the colors still clear and vibrant or are they faded?

Once I determine if the book is in good condition. I look at the age of the book. One thing to look at when determining the age is the color of the outside binding. The very first Vintage Little Golden Books had a blue binding.

September 19, 1942, was the date the first ad was placed in Publisher’s Weekly. Twelve Little Golden books were issued first. The titles of the first 12 books were The Poky Little Puppy, The Alphabet A-Z, The Animals of Farmer Jones, Three Little Kittens, Bedtime Stories, This Little Piggy, Mother Goose, The Golden book of Fairy Tales, Nursery Songs, The Little Red Hen, Prayers for Children, and Baby’s Book.

Some of you may remember these books fondly and probably have childhood memories of your mom and dad reading you these books. They are great books and are still being sold today. The older books have become quite collectible and some are really valuable.

There are several ways to date these books. One of the easiest ways to date the Vintage Little Golden Books is by the Spine Design and color of the binding.

From 1942-1947, the majority of the first 35 book titles had blue bindings and were published with dust jackets. Then the bindings changed to gold spines, from 1947-1949 and had a pattern of flowers, leaves and animals. In 1949-1969 there was an Antique Gold spine with varied patterns of leaves, plants, and flowers.

From 1955-1959 The Christmas books had a Christmas spine design for the Christmas stories. Then my favorite spine design came out in 1954-1956, this was the Mickey Mouse Club Edition, they had red spines with portraits. I have only had a few of these books, but they all had Mickey Mouse heads on the red spines. From 1969 through the present the Little Golden Books have a Gold Spine with elephants, chickens, and crickets in the design.

I hope this helped to explain the very basics of what to look for when collecting Little Golden Books.

Click on the images below to check out the Vintage Little Golden Books I have for sale at my OLA Stubsinc Store.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage Goldtone and Amber Faceted Stone Heart Brooch Pin

You'll find a pronged setting on this heart brooch!
It is a goldtone setting, and outlines the heart,
while six prongs raise the faceted amber stone
and hold it securely in place.

This pin was an Estate Sale find. Exact age unknown.
The brooch is unmarked.

Someone suggested that this pin could be added to a heavy chain
and attached to clothing, to give it a necklace look.
Great idea!
Or lovely as a stand alone pin.

How will you wear this treasure?

Browse Fleapirates Plunder
for vintage collectibles and more!

Friday, July 23, 2010





Hi, everybody! Been gallivanting across the country to see my dad and really need to get back to work! So, here we go!!!

We have some great BRAND NEW FORD OEM PARTS up for sale! These are the newest items listed, although we have others already listed! These are all new, in the box! If you have any questions, just Omail us through Online Auctions! Take a peek and see if there is something you might need at a far better price than that of the dealers!

We also have MANY other items for sale~glass to books and in between! Just stop by and browse around! Love to have you drop by!
And just to let you know, if you like to road trip, drive out through South Dakota, Wyoming or Montana! I must say this is the prettiest I've seen it in a long time due to the moisture!
Have a great day!!!

Open Heart Amethyst Pendant and Sterling Silver Chain

This Sterling Silver 17 Inch Cable Chain Amethyst Heart Necklace
is just beautiful! If you are a February baby, or if you just love the color purple this is for you! Stop by Jewelry by Christopher today and see all of the gorgeous items we have! Your purchase will help out children affected by Autism and their families.

1 out of every 110 children are affected with Autism. If you suspect your child has any of the symptoms of this disease, please see your health care provider as soon as possible. Early detection and therapy can do wonders for these children. Please do not be scared. Knowledge is power. The more you know about Autism, the more beneficial it will be for your child. Getting your child the help they need as early as possible can make all the difference in their lives. Ask questions, read all you can! Please do not ignore the signs. If your child is not progressing the way you think they should, please talk to someone! You owe it to them to get the help they need and deserve. Your child cannot seek the help themselves.

Autism does speak..are you listening?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Belleek Christmas Church Bell Ornament Fourth Edition

Available for purchase at is a wonderful Belleek Christmas Church Bell Ornament Fourth Edition . This delicate Irish Belleek bell ornament, in the shape of a pretty church, is decorated with little green shamrocks. This item is marked Fourth Edition on the inside of the piece, and also has a gold Belleek mark. This ornament is in very good condition, with no chips or damage, and has its original clapper. I believe this ornament was issued in 1991.

I was not able to find this particular fourth ornament in this series on the Internet currently for sale (could only find it in completed/sold listings), so if you are looking for this particular one for your collection, here you are! And even better, free USPS shipping to USA designations is included with the purchase price!

Click here for more details and pictures of this Belleek Christmas Church Bell Ornament Fourth Edition.

Click here to see what other items I currently have listed.

Barter For Fun & Score Great Deals

Yesterday I launched a new low-end yarn craft product line:

CountryNaturals Handcrafted Yarn Items

I certainly wouldn't turn down any cash sales, but I had 2 barter deals going by the end of the day. One was for MetzyMom's fabulous handmade lavender soap and the other for office supplies from MaggieMayBeCrafty.

This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise, but now I'm going to pursue this barter thing. I could have half of my Christmas shopping done before Labor Day, just doing what I do all the time anyway -- KNIT!

If you're experiencing a summer slump selling your your stuff through normal channels, why not go through your back stock and pick out low-end items that are easy to ship and try the barter system. There are loads of free places to advertise your swaps online. If you play your cards right, you could not only score a bunch of great merchandise but get a ton of free advertising for your online store and make some new friends and business contacts in the process.

Grapevine Bistro Wall Rack

Grapevine Bistro Wall Rack

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Infamous Wedding Ring we received my Hubby's new wedding band. At first, I thought it was not going to fit..but after he got home from work, he tried it on and it did in fact fit perfectly!

He totally had no idea I bought if for him! It was amazing! He went into the bathroom to turn on the shower and I snuck up behind him with my hands under my shirt...he asked what I was doing..and I pulled out a ring box. I saw tears in my Husband's eyes..I got him! He opened the box and was stunned. The ring is so beautiful! He could not believe I did it! Ha..ha!! Now, I guess he knows just a fraction of what I was feeling when he proposed to me!

This is a pic of the infamous wedding band! I have it for sale at Jewelry by Christopher and its a steel..ahem..I mean a steal..LOL

Long story husband has a new wedding ring that I love and he loves as well!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Queen Size Two Tone Purple Bed in a Bag

Have you ever stepped into a friend's bedroom and just had to comment on their bedding set? I have! I mean, a bedding set that is just so breathtaking that it is the focal point of the entire room. That is what comes to mind when I look at this Queen Size Two Tone Purple Bed in a Bag. The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

Many people love purple, but just do not know how to put a set together with that color without it being too overwhelming. Well ya go! It is a solid two tone bedding set that just takes your breath away! The combination of lavender and royal purple is amazing!

If you want to make over your bedroom, start with the bedding set, then have the rest of the bedroom compliment the bedding. It will be much easier to find a paint color or wall paper to match the bedding than the other way around. Once you have the bedding set in your possession, you can build from there.

Of course, white walls go with anything, but if you have a paint color or wall paper design in mind, it is much easier to pick up the paint and wall paper swatches from the store and match them to your bedding than to paint your room and try to find the right color bedding. Paint stores can even mix colors together for you to get as close as you can to what you have purchased. Bring a pillow sham with you to the store if you want.

I think for this particular set a gorgeous wall paper with white background and maybe some green, pink and purple floral designs would look beautiful. Nothing too loud, just a subtle floral design just to tie the wall paper into the bedding scheme. A nice swag of purple, white, green and pink flowers over the bedroom door would work wonders! Ok, enough with my interior decorating tips! LOL

Whatever you decide, it will be fun for sure! You will know that whenever you have company and they walk past your bedroom and you have this set on your bed, they will compliment you!

This set also is available in King, Full and Twin Size Sizes. Pick one up for you and a friend! At these prices, its a steal! Who would not love a bedding set for Christmas?

Irresistible Elegance features bedding sets of all types and sizes. I will be adding more sets very soon. The amazing thing about these two tone sets is that they are available in over 20 different colors so you can mix and match with your favorites! I also offer a solid reversible set as well. If you do not want the 2 different color scheme, these sets would be for you. Stop by OLA today and see the gorgeous bedding sets I have listed just for you!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Silver Ring with Chip Turquoise and Coral Size 9

This turquoise and coral ring is pre-owned.
I found it at a local estate sale,
where they were offering loads of vintage jewelry!

The ring is a size 9.

This gorgeous ring is in excellent condition,
with no missing stones or damaged parts.

This ring is made in a men's style, but believe me...
it looks just as attractive on a ladies hand!

See this beautiful ring,
available at!

Browse Fleapirates Plunder for estate jewelry and more!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wedding Ring - Jewelry by Christopher

I love my wedding ring as I am sure most of you who are married do as well. I love my engagement ring even more. I never want to "upgrade" or change the setting. The way my engagement took place and how that ring was bought just makes me never even want to take it off. I love my husband and he is truly and Angel from Heaven.

We had a small ceremony in the Court House here in town. I guess I should not say small, we had over 55 people packed in that little courtroom! I drove the judge crazy in the weeks before our wedding asking her what we could and could not do in the courtroom. My Dad actually walked me down the courtroom was picture perfect! Our reception was in our basement..again picture perfect!

I went to buy my husband's wedding ring the day before our wedding. I actually bought my own wedding band biggie due to the serious romantic stuff that he went through with my engagement ring. I went with his Mother to pick one out for him. Now know when it comes to shopping for ANYTHING we sweat the small stuff! This was my husband's wedding I was sweating it big time. Especially when his Mom was going to pay for it! Well..come to find out she only had $ biggie..we went to Shaw's I think. They had a $99 wedding band sale. Awesome! There were so many to choose from! Hours I took picking out the right style, color everything. I wanted it to match mine as much as possible. I found the perfect band! I was so happy! I just knew he would love it!

Now here we are 7 years later..and that beautiful wedding ring is where? In MY jewelry box. After a few years, this ring started to cut into my hubby's finger. He wanted a new one..I actually CRIED! Why can't you get it fixed I said. I wanted him to feel the same way about his ring as I did about mine. Not gonna happen..ever.

He bought another ring off of that evil auction site for $.99! Yep..under a dollar. It was just this plain old stupid band. Ugly as all get out! Put it on he says..just like when we got married. OK..I put it on..crying...

He just does not get it! The ring I picked out for him MEANT something. I would not care if my ring cut my entire finger is not coming off my finger..ever!

Now..I saw on my store Jewelry by Christopher a gorgeous stainless steel ring with cz's. It is very nice. I thought to myself I wonder if he would like I asked his opinion as I was listing it. He said it was pretty cool. So, I bought it for him..he does not know this yet..I will give it to him this weekend.

If he replaces this one..I will clobber him!

My point of this long winded story is cannot compete with a woman's passion, a woman's sentiment or a woman's intuition. We love often and we love strong. But a man..when he really loves..He loves deep. He maybe will love once or twice in his entire life. But one thing is for certain: It is not the things he is you my is you!

So ladies..if your hubby does not wear his wedding ring..first..kick his butt..then find out the reason why. At least my hubby cared enough to replace the ring on his finger in the first place. I totally did not understand that part! He did that for me..not for him. Now, I will replace it with one that will not hurt his finger and one that does not cost a dollar!

Stop by Jewelry by Christopher and see what beautiful wedding sets I have. I also have men's rings as well. I will be listing more each day. If you ever would like a catalog, just ask! I will send one out to you!

MetzyMom of Discusses Marketing

Join MetzyMom of and SellerBuzz Radio as she delves into basic Marketing. We'll be discussing The 5 Pillars of Marketing, What "Targeting" is and how to do it, and some free or almost free ways to market your product regardless of what or where you sell.

Thursday evening, July 15th, at

5:05 pm Pacific
6:05 pm Mountain
7:05 pm Central
8:05 pm Eastern

Follow SellerBuzz Radio on FaceBook at
Follow MetzyMom's Emporium on FaceBook at

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 July Scavenger Hunt

It's time for the monthly scavenger hunt game! This game is open to all OLA members. Players submit a clue for one of their items, and all the players' clues are posted on a certain day, and then everyone who has signed up has a week to find all the answers. It's a fun game that promises to excercise your brain cells! And there are prizes, too!

Click here to see all the details and to sign up for this month's scavenger hunt. Sign-ups run through Saturday, July 17th, and the game starts July 18th, with winners being announced July 25th. Thanks to those who have signed up already, but there's plenty of room for more players! Without players, there is no game!

Jewelry by Christopher - Those Kids

Do you remember back when you were in school and there were always "those kids" in the special classes. Or "those kids" on the short bus? I do. I remember how the kids used to make fun of "those kids" all the time. I never did, I always was fascinated by "those kids". I wondered what it was like to be "those kids". I felt sorry for them. I tried to help "those kids" whenever I could. I would help the teachers who taught "those kids".
Now, here I am, many years later and I have "those kids" right in my own living room. Is this a reward for not making fun of them? Is this the answer I was looking for as a child? Due to my fascination as a "normal" child, has God decided that I should be the person to take care of "those kids"?
Whatever the reason, I now have 2 of "those kids" and I could not love them more! The only problem is, the sadness I felt for them as a child watching other kids pick on them is now ten fold. These are MY "those kids" that are being picked on! My heart breaks for them each and every day. Children can be so cruel. Many of them do not even realize what they are doing. To them, its just "making fun" or "playing a joke". They do not realize the impact they are having on "those kids". Well, I do.
Bullying is never acceptable. When you do it to "those kids", its just down right nasty. Especially when it is done to "those kids" that cannot defend themselves, or worse, they do not even KNOW they are being made fun of.
That would be my 14 year old, Aaron. Such a fun-loving child. He would do anything to make YOU laugh, but does not understand when someone is making fun of him to make OTHERS laugh AT him. So many times I wanted to grab a child by the nape of his neck and just shake him. How can you make fun of MY CHILD? But, then I think back to all of those kids in school making fun of "those kids" and I realize that is just the way of the world. As sad as it may be.
My baby Christopher, 3, will be entering school this year. Alas, he will be home schooled at first, but eventually he will be led into the classroom where he will be at risk for the ridicule. I am not sure how I will handle the bullies when it comes to my baby. I wonder if they have a special spot for over protective mothers in jail?
I started Jewelry by Christopher not to make a buck, but to remind people of "those kids". I chose jewelry as my arena to make a statement because "those kids" shine just as bright if not more than the biggest, fanciest diamond on Earth.
I have 2 Autistic children. That is a pretty rare situation so I am told. These are my natural children, not adopted, not step children, but mine. What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? Why me? Why them? How could this have happened? I ask myself these questions many times a day. I have come to the conclusion that neither them nor I did anything WRONG. We have simply been brought together as God felt it was the best for all of us.
When you visit Jewelry by Christopher, please keep in mind that "those kids" are just the best kids in the world and are the greatest gift any mother could ever have. And also, try to teach your kids not to make fun of "those kids" as you never know what the future may hold.

Terrific Tuesday Sale!

Dont' forget to stop by and check out the special deals these sellers have for you! Plus - there is a fantastic prize! Check back Tuesday - there may be more sellers added!


50% off all publications (not shipping) and a free gift with everything else.

50% off everything EXCEPT Stickers, labels and Business cards. Discount taken off invoice. Discount does not include shipping.
Purchase 15 sheets of Stickers/cards/labels and get FREE shipping on them.

All Natural Facial Masque with every outgoing order!

FREE special gifty with any combined purchases totalling $10.00 or more. (shipping excluded)

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if you use RME to make payment you will receive a free cell phone charm. And a mystery gift with any combined purchase of 14.00 or more, not including Shipping amount.

FREE shipping on all books

FREE shipping on all books

Monday, July 12, 2010

OLA Members Play The Name Game

We used to have a weekly event on OLA called Interesting Items of the Week. We haven't had it for quite some time, and I was thinking about bringing it back and maybe even giving it a new name.

The way it worked was one seller would start the week off picking out an item from another chattie's listings. They would list a picture, the link to the item, and some type of comment about the item. The next poster would do the same for the first person who posted. For example:
I start the weekly thread. I pick and profile an item from someones listings. The next person to post would pick and profile an item from my store. The next person to post would pick and profile an item from the listings of the person who picked and profiled my listing. And so on... the following week would begin by using the last person who posted on the previous weeks thread. It's a lot easier than it sounds!!! There's no buying involved. No selling involved. Just neighborly promotion of someone elses items who posted just before you did.

We have a thread in the chat forums where we are taking suggestions for a new name. Here is what we have so far:

1. From The Seller Above

2. From The Store Above

3. Interesting Items

4. Found Around The Neighborhood

5. Knick Knacks From The Neighborhood

6. Intriguing Items


8. My Neighbor Has

9. Something From The House Above

10. Something From The House Next Door

11. Look What I Found

12. I Spy

13. EXPOSED!!!

Do you have a name for this event that you'd like to submit? I'm taking suggestions through Friday, July 16th. We'll vote on Saturday, July 17th (voting from midnight to midnight Pacific Time). Remember that the title you submit should be something that would make someone, perhaps a new OLA Member or a First Time Visitor to OLA Chats want to open up the thread. We're trying to stay away from words like "Sale", "Buy", or anything else that infers that buying or selling is part of the weekly event (because buying and selling are not part of the event... Exposure is the Name of the Game for this weekly thread).

If you are interested in submitting a title to be voted on, here's the thread: (you do have to sign in to post your proposed title). If you have a suggestion and aren't already a member at OLA, this is a great time to join! You could have the perfect title for this weekly event, so go ahead and sign up now at (Free Memberships for Buyers and/or Browsers) and tell 'em MetzyMom sent you!!!

See You In Chats!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Day Came To Town

The Day OLA Came To Town

July 9th, 2010. Kingman, Arizona. Dead Noon and it’s 110 degrees in the shade. I’m on the phone with one of my best friends. My husband had a meeting at work and called to say he was on his way home. I know that’s what the call is for, so I don’t even switch over to answer it and continue talking to my friend, drinking coffee and poking around my computer.

My cell phone rings and I look at the caller ID and it’s my husband. “Hold on” I say to my friend. “That’s my husband calling and he wouldn’t call my cell phone if it wasn’t something important.”

So with my friend on one line, I answer my cell phone and my whole day changed immediately.
“Guess what I’m looking at?” my husband asks. Before I can answer, he says “I’m looking at a red truck pulling a black trailer and the trailer says on it!”

“No way! Can you see who is in the truck?”

My husband says “Oregon plates… it’s gotta be… It is! Chris Fain is driving the truck!”

“Paul, which way is he headed? Up the hill?”

“Yes! He’s headed the same way I am.”

All I can think of at this moment is that’s Founder and CEO, Chris Fain, is headed to Kingman… OMG!!! I hang up on my husband without so much as a Good Bye and start hollering at my kids… “Someone grab a vacuum! Someone get this laundry out of here!” I wake up my entire household (even the ones who work at night) and everyone is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. I try to calmly explain that Chris Fain is coming up the hill when my cell phone rings again…

“Did you hang up on me?” Oh Damn! Maybe I should’ve said Good Bye before hanging up on my husband… and before I can apologize…

“Look, I flagged them down and they pulled over. They’re driving through Kingman and are going to stop and see you. You need to call (gives me the number) and give them directions. See if they have time for lunch…” and yes, once again, I hang up… at least this time I said Good Bye… Don't it just figure that my husband would meet Chris before I would???

The house phone rings and it’s Valerie, Chris’s wife. She gives me the size of the trailer so that I know what kind of place to give him directions to… OMG!!! I can barely stand it!!! He’s really going to be here in Kingman!!!

I call the number and talk to Chris. No, they don’t have time for lunch, but they do want to stop and meet me. I give him directions to a nice large parking lot right on Route 66 in front of a local JB’s Restaurant and Sonic Drive In. I tell him we’ll be there when he pulls off the freeway.

I send half my household back to bed, take a deep breath and almost begin to relax… OMG!!! I wonder if my tie dye dress is too casual? My hair? Can I lose 25 lbs in the next half hour? OMG!!! My youngest son tells me my dress is fine. It is, after all, who and what I am. OK, so I look huge in it, but it is 110 outside and it’s not like I’m taking them to lunch at a fancy restaurant, so my dress will be just fine. I throw a headband on and ignore the fact that I'm a very tall oompa loompa... I figure they’ve been driving for a while, what the hell will they care what I look like?!!??!

My husband arrives home and runs to change his clothes (he’s in a suit from his meeting at work) and out he comes, I throw him my keys, grab my OLA Banner and we’re off!

We pull in where Chris will be meeting us and stare at the freeway off ramp. 5 minutes… 8 minutes… OMG! Did I give him the wrong directions? My husband suggests I call him to make sure I’ve given him the correct directions, but wouldn’t you know it? I didn’t bring the phone number! Crap!!!

… and then my husband points and says “I think that’s them”. Sitting on the off ramp, getting ready to turn onto Route 66 is a red truck and what looks like a black trailer hidden behind some trees… as it turns onto the street, there is no doubt that it’s the OLA trailer! Lights! Camera! Camera??? Camera! Action!

Here are some photos of when OLA came to town!

L-R: James, Me, Chris Fain, John

L-R: MetzyMom in the Pink OLA Hat, Chris Fain in the Black OLA Shirt, and my husband, Paul, in the Blue OLA Hat.

Spiff up your OLA Store, Get Ready for the Christmas Sales Rush

Are you getting ready for the Christmas Sales Rush yet?

Sales maybe slow right now, but try not to get discouraged. Instead, spend the next few months getting your OLA Store spiffed up and fully stocked for the upcoming Christmas Season.

Remember last year, when you wished you had spent more time during the slow selling months to get more items ready for sale? Well, now is the time to do it.

We all know how we procrastinate getting more items online to sell when the sales are slow. Then before you know it, the Christmas Season sneaks up on us, and we aren’t ready for it.

I know that I am going to take full advantage of this time to get more items ready to list. Is there anybody else out there hard at work taking pictures, and writing description of those fantastic buys you got this summer at the yard sales, garage sales, auctions and estate sales?

Or maybe now would be the time to do some research into Drop Shipping or finding a decent Wholesaler. Remember, that time is of the essence, so make sure you use your next few months wisely. I know last year I was really busy for 6 weeks during November and December and really regretted not being better prepared for the Christmas Sales Rush.

In honor of all the Christmas in July Sales Events going on right now, I will give all of my buyers 10% off any item valued at $9.99 and above through July 30th. When you make your OLA purchase, just o-mail me and let me know that you saw this discount listed on the OLA Team Blog.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Identifying Rocks & Minerals

I used to be a rockhound, but I didn't stay with it long enough to learn much. A few years ago, we bought a box of polished cabs and slices, which I just got around to listing. If any of you can help identify some of these, I'd be happy to link back to your store or website from mine. I'll also be putting up a Squidoo lens for them and I could post a link for you there, too. Bartering is another option on these if I have something you like.

To see what I have, please choose "Rocks & Minerals" from the category list in my CountryNaturals OLA House.

Here's one of my favorites. This is a closeup of a tiny fire agate:

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

What did you read when you were young?

I read Little Golden Books (LGBs). That's why I collected them for years. They were inexpensive, available almost anywhere, and were well written on almost every topic!
My favorites were the basics--the ABC's, Picture Dictionary, the ones about Wildlife, Birds, Cars, Baby Animals, Growing Up, and I loved certain authors and illustrators: Margaret Wise Brown and Eloise Wilkin.

Walt Disney jumped on the bandwagon with Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Lady (and the Tramp), The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and more!
There was Bozo the Clown, Howdy Doody, and one of my daughter's favorites to this day is The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown.

I am selling my entire collection of LGBs now on OLA. See my auctions to find your favorites now to save on shipping!
If you do not see YOUR FAVORITE, O-Mail me. I have hundreds. I am listing as fast as I can!
Thank you!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Westmoreland Milk Glass Roses and Bows Heart Shape Chocolate Box

Recently listed at is a Westmoreland Milk Glass Roses and Bows Heart Shape Chocolate Box. This is one of the harder-to-find items in Westmoreland's lovely Roses and Bows line, also known as decoration #32. This is the large heart shaped chocolate box with lid. This milk glass heart box is listed in the reference books with the code HB-1. This simple and elegant heart box has a plain bottom. The lid has a heart shaped finial with an arrow through it, and it has the roses and bows hand-painted decoration on the top, with pink roses, blue flowers, and purple bow.

This item is pictured in Lorraine Kovar's book Westmoreland Glass The Popular Years 1940-1985, on page 235. It is also listed on page 232, and it is listed as a rare item in this line, with a book value of $350+. It is being offered for much less than book value, and offers will be gladly considered on this desirable piece.

Click here for more details about this Westmoreland Milk Glass Roses and Bows Heart Shape Chocolate Box.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cable Vol 1 No 22 Aug 1995 Marvel Mint Condition 9.9 – 10.0

Cable Modern Age Marvel Comic Book in Mint 9.9-10.0 Condition. This Comic Book is Volume 1, Number 22, August 1995. This Comic Book comes from a smoke free environment.

This comic book has never been read, it was a store over stock. The cardboard backing and plastic sleeve is included. I have scanned the front and back of this book to show the condition.

This would make a wonderful addition to your Modern Comic Collection so don’t miss this opportunity to own this Cable Modern Age Marvel Comic Book. Click here to view these Cable Modern Age Marvel Comic Book

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