Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Belleek Christmas Church Bell Ornament Fourth Edition

Available for purchase at is a wonderful Belleek Christmas Church Bell Ornament Fourth Edition . This delicate Irish Belleek bell ornament, in the shape of a pretty church, is decorated with little green shamrocks. This item is marked Fourth Edition on the inside of the piece, and also has a gold Belleek mark. This ornament is in very good condition, with no chips or damage, and has its original clapper. I believe this ornament was issued in 1991.

I was not able to find this particular fourth ornament in this series on the Internet currently for sale (could only find it in completed/sold listings), so if you are looking for this particular one for your collection, here you are! And even better, free USPS shipping to USA designations is included with the purchase price!

Click here for more details and pictures of this Belleek Christmas Church Bell Ornament Fourth Edition.

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Barter For Fun & Score Great Deals

Yesterday I launched a new low-end yarn craft product line:

CountryNaturals Handcrafted Yarn Items

I certainly wouldn't turn down any cash sales, but I had 2 barter deals going by the end of the day. One was for MetzyMom's fabulous handmade lavender soap and the other for office supplies from MaggieMayBeCrafty.

This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise, but now I'm going to pursue this barter thing. I could have half of my Christmas shopping done before Labor Day, just doing what I do all the time anyway -- KNIT!

If you're experiencing a summer slump selling your your stuff through normal channels, why not go through your back stock and pick out low-end items that are easy to ship and try the barter system. There are loads of free places to advertise your swaps online. If you play your cards right, you could not only score a bunch of great merchandise but get a ton of free advertising for your online store and make some new friends and business contacts in the process.

Grapevine Bistro Wall Rack

Grapevine Bistro Wall Rack