Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Collecting Halloween, Christmas, and other Holiday Blow Molds

I love hunting for and collecting holiday blow molds. What the heck is a blow mold, you ask?
Well, just look at the picture above, to see some of the Halloween blow molds I have collected in the last few years, and you will get the idea pretty quick.
The blow molds I am talking about are hollow plastic holiday decorations. The name comes from the process in which these wonderful decorations are made. Many plastic items are made using this process, and you can google the term "blow molding" if you want to learn more about it. These collectible holiday blow molds often have a small light bulb and a plug-in cord for illumination.

Currently at I only have this funny Cone Shape Santa Claus Christmas Blow Mold Light Up Decoration available for purchase. I hope to list a few more blow molds in the near future, including a Thanksgiving turkey, and whatever else I may have doubles of, or need to sell to make room for new finds. :)

I think of these holiday blow molds as wonderful, fun, kitshy Americana. Sadly, many of the companies that made these blow molds are no longer in business. Not all blow molds are holiday related-think of the iconic plastic pink flamingos that are displayed as lawn ornaments. And my husband has a neat fire hydrant-shaped blow mold in his firefighting collection.

If you would like to learn more about holiday blow molds, check out this great website, called blowmoldsrus. Here you can take a trip down memory lane and view all kinds of blow mold decorations. I know I can easily get lost in time when I visit this fun site. This site is the best reference around for blow molds.

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