Tuesday, May 6, 2014

S & M Sweets - A great place to shop!

Okay, who is up to a little homemade rub, great dips and WONDERFUL sweets!!
Here at OnlineAuction.com, we have a perfectly SWEET and delicious store! Now known as S & M Sweets, this was formerly Raggy-Lady here on OLA with over 1000 positive feedback.  But due to a new partnership, the store is now S & M Sweets  (Smith & Montgomery) These great goodies are made in a licensed kitchen.

I can personally attest to the fresh, wonderful flavor you get in these little gems!! I LOVE spice gumdrops and these are the BEST I've ever had!

One of the favorites, according to people I've heard from!
I know there have been lots of calls for this, too!!
These are just positively yummy!!
And who doesn't LOVE FUDGE??
So, if you have something special coming up or just a sweet tooth, stop in at S & M Sweets to see what great goodies you can get to satisfy that hankering! You won't be sorry!