Saturday, February 27, 2010



Who collects them?

Why bother?

This past week, I obtained a GREAT Album from a man whom my husband went to college with, Robert Morris Dills. Above is his picture.

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Cultural History. Like Mikhail Baryshnikov. Bob met him. He was there.

Bits of Evidence that YOU WERE THERE.

Or that you KNEW Someone IMPORTANT, Like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Tangible Evidence that YOU were a Witness to Something EXCITING that Happened.

HTML clipboardCultural History. Arts History, Bob met LILY Tomlin, too.

Bob even met Nancy and Ronald Reagan. Phyllis Meel is Bob's cousin.

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This album was a TREASURE TROVE of Autographs. I can recall my husband telling me Bob Dills stories for years, however, he had no clue that I had purchased Bob's albums. They lost track of each other after college--I know you know how that is.

Bob was a art major from a small mountain town in Virginia, my husband was born in a big beach town--they met at University of Richmond. Anyway, they are both pretty nice guys. My husband still is. I found Bob's obituary last night. It appears that he passed away in Charlestown, SC on October 27, 2009 from an apparent heart attack while there on business. I wish he and my husband had been able to keep in touch. Anyway, I digress. I was writing about Bob's wonderful collection of autographs that I purchased. My husband was stunned (and so was I) when I realized that he actually knew this person who had collected such an album. I know lots of stories about him from back in his college days. Which I think adds to the provenance of the autographs.

Bob had big jobs, jobs that took him places. He met lots of interesting people, and he kept in touch with most of them. I have the evidence; it is up for auction on OLA now, or it will be.

I wish I had met him. I know I would have invited him over for dinner.

We are keeping his dog bowls.

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