Monday, August 20, 2012

Shopping At OLA!

I have recently made the transition from seller to buyer, as I started a new career in fundraising for my favorite charity, Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary. (Check out all the cute animal pics on their new Facebook page.)

Anyway, I still want to stay involved in the goings-on at OLA, so I spend part of my time browsing and promoting the cute things I find, there. For example:

Have you ever heard of a Cuddleuppet? Absolutely adorable! If Santa finds out, there will be a whole lot of these under Christmas trees this year.

Speaking of Christmas, check out this cute snow globe. (I love the knitted mittens and hats.)

OLA members have a forum, where they share all sorts of things. One of the categories is "What's For Sale on OLA." You don't have to be a member to take a peek at these great deals, so click on over and check them out, anytime. If you're on Twitter, search the #ShopOLA hashtag for even more great bargains. HAPPY HUNTING!

(To find out more about OLA, check out their Facebook page.)