Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Proud to be a Parent Today

I have to say that today..just a little more than any other day..I was very proud to be a parent!

Today was the first day of school for my boys. They were facing some real difficult challenges this year. Aaron, who is 14 and Autistic, started high school today. Andrew, who is 5, started Kindergarten.

Both of them just amazed me with their strength, courage and intelligence!

Aaron had to board the school bus at 6am just to endure an hour long bus ride as his school is across town. The local school does not have the proper classes for his disability. He then had to attend one of the largest high schools in town for the very first time. New teachers, new students and no idea where he was going. He did so well! I am so very proud..I am bursting at the seams!

Andrew has never been away from home without one of us with him. He is quite the Momma's and Daddy's boy. We were quite concerned. When we took him up to school, he was all smiles and very excited! We got to the door of the school and the teacher said that it was time to say good bye to Mom and Dad..and I was ready for it..the screams..the tears..everything..but none of that came! Instead, this is what my boy said.."Ok you guys can go now..Bye!"..and with that a giant wave and an even bigger smile! I was in shock! Was this my little Cling On child? Where did this child come from? Where did this courage come from? I was so very happy..and sad at the same time. Letting go is never easy..but apparently it was for him! Pride was just slamming against my chest..dying to get out! Tears came to my eyes and his Dad's eyes...but not to his! We worried about this day for months..and my boy showed us there was absolutely nothing to be worried about!

So, yes, today I was extra proud to be a parent..especially to these wonderful boys I call my Sons!