Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wonderful, old, vintage toys . . . . .

I love vintage toys. They bring a sense of nostalgia. Some I remember more than others, but I love looking at them and would love to be able to add them to my collection! Perhaps, you too, enjoy these older pieces? Take a look . . . see if you can find something that you treasure!

I found this in Classic_Chloe's, who also happened to have some other wonderful gems!!
Perhaps you like the cast iron toys? Remember these? I found this one in BLBOKROM's.

Or how about this nice wagon from Goldi's?
How about a cute little Radio Flyer wagon, just right for a Christmas display from DustyCorners?
And what a fabulous Ventriloquist Dummy Doll from IOffer.ItAll!
I have never seen one of these! A #1402 Emenee Colortune Accordion from GreatWest! How cute is this!!

What a fabulous Vintage Toy Covered Wagon from PiasRotty!! Complete with a cloth top, little wooden horses and turning wheels!! Awesome!!

Remember these? Anyone with a Duncan Yo-Yo, knows what these are!! Dime Store Spinning Yo-Yo Spares from MareBob1!!!

And, last but not least, this has GOT to be one of my favorites!! A Vintage Roy Rogers Cap Shooting Carbine Rifle from OLASwansea! I remember these well, coming from Montana, we played cowboys and Indians all the time! Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were heros!!

There is a lot more to find on!! Just poke around and see if you can't find something that you can't do without!! Come visit us!! Great sellers, great people, great prices!!

Happy Halloween and we will have our store open again the end of October!! Hope to see you then!!