Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making the Best of Online Auctions ~ Part Two: Sellers

Here at OLA, we are all gearing up for a new and exciting online presence, which is FAST upon us.  Last week I wrote a few words of thanks to the OLA Buyers, who have helped make this site so successful.  

Today, my thoughts are turned toward the OLA Sellers, you folks who work at keeping your online sites inventory laden, updated, interesting and attractive.  
And, as if scouting out new merchandise isn't tasking enough, the online seller has to keep up with the latest technology.  The online seller needs to:  
  • Know how to take excellent close up, highly detailed pictures; 
  • Know how to write an accurate description of the items offered for sale; 
  • Have a general idea of the worth or value of the items offered;
  • Be prepared to respond to inquiries immediately;

Most online sellers are concerned with developing and maintaining an online presence so that customers know that you: are worthy of their trust, have integrity, and offer a stable site on which to shop.  (That's what positive feedback is all about.)

For new members and first time sellers, OLA offers many how-to directions on their great community site map:

Sellers Hub


These links can help you learn about the OLA site, and can help you in educating your customers.  

Can you earn lots of money selling things online?
But you need to find a good product, represent it accurately, and provide superb customer service, too!

As much as we would love to have dollar bills fly out of our computer screen, I don't think it will happen, folks.  Selling online can be fun and profitable, but you only get out of it what you are willing to put in.

So after you have listed your auctions, wait a bit and then review them, as if you were a new customer.  Ask yourself if you have written a clear description, disclosed the necessary info about that item (size, model #, serial #, any damages or defects), and inserted a few good pictures of that item.

Make sure you have listed your Terms of Sale (what you expect, and what you will do).

Look at the title of your auction.  Is it Search Engine Friendly?  I have found that keeping titles simple seem to generate more hits on my auction pages (traffic). 

Does the subtitle area have key words that may attract potential bidders to you?

Do you have the name of your shop and contact information posted clearly? (an email link is good).

Do everything you can do to make your auction appeal to potential customers...and then PROMOTE it.  Learn to tweet, Pinterest, and share your auction on Social Networking sites (FaceBook, Tumblr).  If you don't over do it, I am confident that your friends on these sites wish you well, and will gladly help to promote your business.

Lastly, check your OLA site with regularity.  Do your best to be the kind of seller that inspires you.

Lastly, don't forget the Feedback.  The sale isn't complete until the package is received, and feedback is left.  I often keep my buyers updated with shipping info, too.  Especially with insurance and tracking numbers.   

Don't forget to check in with the OLA Chat Rooms, too!  These threads offer a world of friendly support.

Whew.  This was a long blog, I hope that you have found it to be worth your time.  If you have selling tips you want to share, please do so in the comments below.
Until next time,
Happy Shopping!