Thursday, July 29, 2010

SellerBuzz Radio Plays "eCommerce: Fact or Fiction" Tonight!

Tonight, July 29th, SellerBuzz Radio welcomes Fredrick Nijm to play "eCommerce: Fact or Fiction?". For the last 2 weeks, listeners have been emailing their questions to me about eCommerce.

For instance: Everyone says selling online is easy. Is it? Is that a fact or is it fiction? Fred and I will answer that question and about 20 others! Will we agree on everything? Not likely... lol...

Join me for some entertaining and educational discussion and find out what you want to know and need to know about eCommerce!

It all happens LIVE tonight!

8:05 pm Eastern
7:05 pm Central
6:05 pm Mountain
5:05 pm Pacific

See You There!!!