Monday, July 16, 2012

Quite a Light Show!

We don't usually get prolonged thunder and lightning here in the NW, so it was pretty impressive to have 24 hours of it day before yesterday! Sometimes it was so close it would flash and then BOOM! The windows would shake! During the "intermissions" we were treated to torrential rain...huge drops that splattered and spread out the size of 1/2 dollars on my windshield as I drove to work. I had to pull over once because my wipers couldn't keep up. Then the sun would come out for a few minutes, and the lightning and thunder would start again. Pretty exciting!

I found some fun things at in honor of our crazy weather!

Silent Thunder from kornkountrytreasures  (ours sure wasn't!)

An electrifying lightning bolt brooch from Goldi!

Classical Thunder CD from American-Distributions!

Cool older Black Lightning comic book from neatstuff333

 Thundercats Grune the Destroyer found at Marebob1!

Dandy lightning bolt ring from tweety1958!

Love the smell of a spring rain storm! Vegan soap from latherupsoap!

Sweet little Hummel piece "Stormy Weather" from Classic_Chloe!

Whew!!! Glad it's over. Today was a nice, calm day.. no rain, a little wind and about mid 70's.  Perfect!