Monday, April 30, 2012

College Textbooks

Okay, you sign your kid up for college and the costs start rolling in!! It is SOOOOOOO expensive to get your child through college now days!! I remember those days well and I only had ONE go to college!! But cost?? Oh, yeah!!

The thing that got me was the cost of BOOKS!! Good grief, you could eat for a month on what they charge!!

Now after checking around, I find that the very same books are still being published under a "newer" edition, of course!! I believe it is pretty much the same textbook (they didn't rewrite it AGAIN, now, did they??) with a newer cover and perhaps an appendix included!! So, save some money and buy the older versions if you can get away with it!!

We have a bunch of them listed, all reasonably priced, study guides, too!! Check out our store and see what else we have!!

Just check it out at Korn Kountry Treasures!! And check out the other sellers on, too!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vintage Mixing Bowls

Well, had a few minutes to spare this afternoon and thought I'd talk about vintage mixing bowls. There are all kinds of mixing bowls out there. Some glass, some pottery, some plastic. I have come to realize that the older ones are the nicer ones. Because, they were made in the USA!!! Vintage though they may be, these are great pieces to use in your kitchen!!! So take a peek at some of the variety we have!!
Above is a set of Friendship Pottery Mixing Bowls Roseville OH in VERY GOOD condition!! These are so awesome, I wanted to keep them for myself!! But, alas, I have no room!! You can find this in our store, KornKountryTreasures!   

Next, you will see an awesome set of Vintage Pyrex Gooseberry Mixing/Casserole Bowls. These can be found at Gram-Recyle-Bin!! These are not just great for mixing but for casseroles and baking, too!! Great pieces and the whole set!!

RoundPrairie2 has a couple of things for you to see!! First, is this Pyrex Homestead Bowl Set. They need a little TLC but awesome!! Then they also have this awesome Blue Band Batter Bowl by Homer Laughlin??

Next, PiasRotty has this wonderful, old

And if that isn't enough, they also have this
How cool are these???

AngelOnTheWind has this Nice Set of Heavy Blue Mixing Bowls.
Such an awesome blue!!! Wow!!!!

And, last but not least, we (KornKountryTreasures) also have the Marcrest Dot & Daisy Large Mixing Bowl and in a separate listing, the Marcrest Dot & Daisy Medium Mixing Bowl!!

So, if you're looking for mixing bowls, check us out! These pieces are getting harder to find so they are well worth the money!! Why buy something imported when you can find good old USA made stuff that is better quality even if they are a few years old??

So, check us out!! Buy vintage!! Come on over to!! You'll be glad that you did!!

Thank you for stopping in and please comment!! We appreciate your time!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

                                              To SELLER OF THE MONTH

To visit her store, click here!!

"I have been selling online in a small way for about 8-10 years but when I lost my job in 2009 I started getting more serious about it.

I started selling online because I had a few things I no longer needed. I also wanted to see if I could be a better seller online than I am in person. That still remains to be seen. LOL

The most interesting thing I've sold is probably the handcrafted fruit presses my husband and I use to make. I say my husband and I loosely as he did all the hard stuff and I just sanded and finished the wood. I'm hoping we can get back to making these and list some here.

I love to watercolor paint, sculpt in concrete, do lapidary work, explore unusual and some not so unusual crafts and read. I collect art and craft books.

A tip for using OLA: The best tip from my perspective would be for members to visit the chats often and read, read, read, you will learn a lot. You don't have to participate if you aren't comfortable and just reading you will learn a lot. Don't hesitate to participate though, ask questions or just say hi, our members are always glad to have you and eager to help if you need it. "

The Terrific Tuesday Game Is ON!

Join the fun and find great bargains!

Tuesdays are game days at OLA. Every week one of our members hosts a sale/game here at the OLA Team Blog. Join us to buy, sell, gab, and meet new people. Prizes are awarded to the most active participants and everyone gets a prize at their first visit. Here is the format:

This sale runs for 12 hours on Tuesdays
Times are as follows:
5:30am to 5:30pm (HST - Hawaii Time)
7:30am to 7:30pm (AKDT - Alaska Daylight Time)
8:30 AM to 8;30 PM (OLA time, PDT - Pacific Daylight Time)
9:30am to 9:30pm (MDT - Mountain Daylight Time)
10:30am to 10:30pm (CDT - Central Daylight Time)
11:30am to 11:30pm (EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

Lurkers are welcome. Leave comments on any post you find interesting.

If you see a product you like, click on the link to go to the product listing at OLA for more info.

If you decide to buy, you must register at (it's free, quick, and easy).

If you'd like to register your purchase for the game, copy the Auction # and paste into the comments section of the Tuesday game post, along with your OLA ID.

Here are the specials for this week:

Buy one book, get one FREE (free book has to be of equal or lesser value.) NO LIMIT! Combine books from both stores if you wish

Buy one book, get one FREE (free book has to be of equal or lesser value.) NO LIMIT! Combine books from both stores if you wish

10% all fixed items, and combined shipping!!

10% off everything -- shipping not included.

A wee mystery gift with each outgoing package. And.....Purchase 3 or more very small lightweight items and shipping will be free. Includes bookmarks, cell phone charms, purse charms, pet charms and bead lots.

15% off everything before shipping. Shipping is always combined of multiple purchases

10% of merchandise.

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10% on all merchandise. (shipping not included).
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