Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Korsteel Double Jointed Stirrup Irons 4 3/4

These Korsteel stirrup irons are brand new! I bought them several years ago from a popular online tack shop, and unfortunately they've stayed in our tack-box ever since! (It's time for someone to use and appreciate them.)

They remain in the original manufacturer's plastic bag. The stock sticker is attached and reads:

Korsteel irons are heavy weight, hand-polished stainless steel. This pair has rubber covered joints for cushioned comfort, reducing stress on the rider's knees and ankles. The gripper pads are white. This pair is size 4 3/4.

Never used.

For purchasing details, visit the auction for these Korsteel Double Jointed Stirrup Irons!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goebel Animal Figurines

Goebel Animal Figurines
Here is a super web site which tells about the history of Goebel animal figurines, thanks to the Goebel Porcelain Manufacturer.

Here on OLA, we offer a number of unique quality Goebel Animal Figurines.  Click on the title of each picture to go to the auction site for each piece.

Goebel Monkey  SOLD!! 

Goebel Monkey  SOLD!! 

Animal figurines are permanent reminders of our animal friends:  our family pets, and the exotic and wild.  Above is a sampling of both.

Remember Goebel Animal Figurines make good gifts.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lenox Porcelain ~ Fine Quality Giftware

Lenox Porcelain ~ Fine Quality Giftware

In 1859, Walter Scott Lenox was born in Trenton, New Jersey.  Often called "the Staffordshire of America," Trenton supported over 200 potteries near the turn of the century.  

Queen Victoria's influence was falling on the U.S. at that time too, as a love for ornate decorations began to spread among society.

By 1875, Lenox had worked as decorator and designer for several Trenton potteries, including Ott & Brewer (he was the design director) and Willets Manufacturing.  Both potteries produced a version of the cream colored, pearly glazed porcelain made popular by Irish Belleek.

In 1889, Lenox Ceramic Art Company opened, offering one of a kind pieces instead of a full line of ceramic items.  Less than ten years later, examples of the fine Lenox ware could be found in the Smithsonian Institution collection.

Lenox continues in the fine quality tradition today, offering a full line of china and giftware.  I am pleased to offer several Lenox Estate found pieces in my OLA shop.

I found this I found this in the shop of Philadelphia James, who also happened to have some other neat items!

Heirloom quality.  Super low prices.  OLA is the best place to find anything.

Many thanks for your business!  Keep shopping on OLA:  Where Buyers & Sellers Meet!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Matchbox Cars & Trucks

Matchbox car & truck toys were originally made by Lesney Products (in the UK) sometime during 1953.  They are small in size--the size of matchbook boxes, thus the name Matchbox.  The smaller size, and excellent quality of these toys immediately made them sought-after collectibles.  The Matchbox name is now owned and manufactured by Mattel, a well-known U.S. toy manufacturer.  

The style & design of Matchbox toys were like those of real vehicles, which served to increase their collectibility.  There are all types of these interesting little toys.  Here is a sampling from what I have to offer on OLA.

Many Matchbox toys have opening and moving parts, which add to their interest.

Many Matchbox toys had decals that the buyer could self-apply.  Look at the little person in the Pink Slingshot dragster above.  So cute.

They produced a number of cool Fantasy Mobiles too, like the one below.

There are some great construction vehicles too!  Such as the 1973 SuperFast Rod Roller No. 21  SOLD!! 

They made a huge assortment of trucks, too!  

Matchbox No. 7 FORD Refuse Truck, rolls & tilts!  SOLD!! 

Matchbox toys make great gifts!  Affordable prices, small in size!

I have only about 20 Matchbox toys left, so if you collect these fine little die cast playthings, check my OLA store today!  I have 2 collector's cases to offer as well, so if you are interested, please contact me.    Many thanks for reading, and shopping on the BEST Site on the web -- OLA:  Where Buyers & Sellers Meet.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Just listed!  Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Jewelry.  Made using a reverse painting process, most often beach scenes, are mounted on bits of real Blue Morpho Butterfly wings.  The jewelry from my collection date from the 1920s or so to the 50s.  

As I understand it, these pieces were mostly offered as souvenirs in South America--places like Rio in Brazil.  I have always been attracted to iridescence, and just couldn't resist collecting this type of jewelry for a while. The flash of blue is stunning.  The beach scenes romantic.

I like the unique detail of this jewelry; since the reverse paint process is done by hand, each piece is different.

Can't you just see Lucille Ball decked out in this stuff?

Blue Morpho Butterfly wing jewelry is still being made today!  There are many examples of contemporary art jewelry available on the net.

Thanks for checking in with OLA!  Our Sellers welcome YOU!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wonderful, old, vintage toys . . . . .

I love vintage toys. They bring a sense of nostalgia. Some I remember more than others, but I love looking at them and would love to be able to add them to my collection! Perhaps, you too, enjoy these older pieces? Take a look . . . see if you can find something that you treasure!

I found this in Classic_Chloe's, who also happened to have some other wonderful gems!!
Perhaps you like the cast iron toys? Remember these? I found this one in BLBOKROM's.

Or how about this nice wagon from Goldi's?
How about a cute little Radio Flyer wagon, just right for a Christmas display from DustyCorners?
And what a fabulous Ventriloquist Dummy Doll from IOffer.ItAll!
I have never seen one of these! A #1402 Emenee Colortune Accordion from GreatWest! How cute is this!!

What a fabulous Vintage Toy Covered Wagon from PiasRotty!! Complete with a cloth top, little wooden horses and turning wheels!! Awesome!!

Remember these? Anyone with a Duncan Yo-Yo, knows what these are!! Dime Store Spinning Yo-Yo Spares from MareBob1!!!

And, last but not least, this has GOT to be one of my favorites!! A Vintage Roy Rogers Cap Shooting Carbine Rifle from OLASwansea! I remember these well, coming from Montana, we played cowboys and Indians all the time! Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were heros!!

There is a lot more to find on!! Just poke around and see if you can't find something that you can't do without!! Come visit us!! Great sellers, great people, great prices!!

Happy Halloween and we will have our store open again the end of October!! Hope to see you then!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Goebel Hummel Figurines

Goebel Hummel Figurines

Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel signed her noted agreement with the porcelain firm, W. Goebel Porzellanfahrik,on January 9th, 1935, which gave the porcelain company permission to turn Sister Hummel’s drawings into M. I. Hummel figurines. 

Hummel Figurine # 015/0 Hear Ye Hear Ye

During World War II, the M. I. Hummel figurine production was restricted. Once the war ended, the M. I. Hummel figurines again appeared in the shops throughout Germany.

Many of what I call the Traditional Hummel Figurine is based on Bavarian culture.  Think of Heidi.

Surprise:  Traditional Hummel

I have the pleasure of offering several hundred Goebel Hummel figurines as part of a friend's estate.

Most are in excellent condition, many have original boxes.  Below is a group of Occupational Hummel Figurines.

First Mate   Boy with Oar

Waiter    Young man holding tray with Wine & Glass

Doctor Boy with rag doll at his feet

The Builder (Brick mason)

Shepard's Boy  Boy and two lambs

There will be more about Goebel Hummel figurines in future blogs.

Thanks for your interest, Chloe