Friday, January 4, 2013

Are You Afraid??

I am.... I'm partially agoraphopic, and have severe anxiety disorder, so I'm pretty limited as to where I go, and how far I drive.  I don't drive over bridges or on freeways anymore, so that's REALLY limiting considering, where I live.  I've had counseling, medication, bio-feedback (really works well, I have to say) and more counseling, but have suffered with this for about 12 years now.  Some days are better than others, so that's a good thing.  I ran across this interesting post on Facebook and thought I'd share. It's from some 2008 statistics, but still pretty recent.

Found some unique "scary" items at You never have to be afraid again of not finding good sellers and getting a great deal! Friendliest online auction site in the WORLD!

From callmemomo - a fun pop-up book of phobias!

From olaswansee 
Doctor Strange - "A Gathering Of Fear!" Comic Book!

JRFLEAMARKET offers this fun Goosebumps book - "You Can't Scare Me!"

A fantastic vintage spider pin from letsplaytagsales!!

One of my favorite cult-classic movies -  Bubba Ho-Tep - offered by hockeymom1965

Amazing "Alien Invaders" game from ve6nap - retro!!