Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!!

The Members of the OLA Team Blog wish you and your family a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Come Celebrate Christopher's 4th Birthday Saturday!

I can't believe my little man will be 4! Where did the time go?

All day Saturday all items in my store will be 25% off! I will give the discount on the invoices!

Stop by! I will be adding new items too!

Christopher made some excellent progress today in therapy! When the therapists hid his favorite puzzle piece..he actually looked for it..and would not give up until she gave it back to him! Then, when the therapist asked him for it back, he gave it to her!!

Now..that may not seem like a biggie to you, but trust me..its huge for Christopher! For years he would never show any interest in ANYTHING. Once it was taken away..he just forgot and did something else!

Now if we can just get that little angel to talk and let us know what he is thinking and what he needs! That is all I want for Christmas this year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paua Mania Triple Twist Pendant Paua Shell Necklace from New Zealand

A new release Paua Shell pendant from Paua Mania! This stunning necklace was made in 2009, and comes directly from the New Zealand company, Paua Mania.

The pendant is a triple twist, and features beautiful native paua shell, in shades of green.

The pendant arrives on a black nylon cord, and in the original box, which details for you a bit of history regarding this unique shellcraft company.

You can read my blog about Paua Mania here!

For purchasing details, please visit the auction,
or visit
my OLA store,
Fleapirates Plunder!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

PayPal and USPS Click-N-Ship Online Postage Shipping Solutions

During this Holiday Season you should have at least 2 different ways to print your Online Postage Shipping Labels. In my opinion, PayPal and USPS Click-N-Ship are 2 of the easiest shipping solutions available.

Most Online Sellers are familiar with printing Shipping Labels through their PayPal Accounts. PayPal allows you to print your Shipping Labels using USPS or UPS. The USPS Postal Services that are available through PayPal are Priority, Express, First Class, Media Mail, and Parcel Post. The shipping fees are taken out of your PayPal Balance. Here is a Direct Link to the PayPal Login where you can print a Shipping Label.

You can also print your Priority Mail shipping labels from the USPS through their USPS Click-N-Ship Service. Here are the step by step instructions. Go to the Click-N-Ship Website, set up an account, and then fill in the information for your label. You will have to use your credit card to pay for your shipping fee.

Just remember, that you can only Print Priority Mail shipping labels through Click-N-Ship. If you need Technical Support, they can be reached at 800-344-7779 option 3.

Written by Jan M. Bradshaw

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vintage Christmas Decorations & Ornaments for Holiday Time

Vintage Christmas Decorations &
Ornaments for Holiday Time

pmsanta.jpg (32298 bytes)

Do you like Decorating for the Holidays? Then
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I am offering my entire collection this season--for the first time! I have some Very
Vintage items, QUALITY mid-century things, and hard-to-find good ones!

micahouse1.jpg (36495 bytes)

Large Mica House, with Bottle Brush Trees

bbcandles.jpg (38514 bytes)

Bottle Brush Candle Sticks & Bottle Brush
Wreath Ornaments

bbwreath8.jpg (35052 bytes)

bbwreath5.jpg (34137 bytes)

bbwreath2.jpg (33593 bytes)

Look at these UNIQUE Elves!

alelves.jpg (35365 bytes)

Howard Holt Feather Angel Choir

japan_angels.jpg (28943 bytes)

I also have GIRL SCOUT ornaments, STAR TREK
ornaments and many others, MINT in their ORIGINAL Boxes...

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