Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year - 2014!

What would you like to see in 2014? Have you really thought about it?
We go through life, every year, wishing for peace and understanding, wealth, and material things not really considering what we have that are right in front of us.
This year consider what you have in small terms.
Wealth - what is wealth? Is it really money? It is really material possessions? The older I've gotten the more inmaterial they seem. Personal possessions are really overrated. Even the things that Daddy made. I'd much rather have Dad.
This year be grateful that you have health . . . . even with sore joints, arthritis, and other ills, you can probably find others worse off.
My husband and I saw a woman working in a local store that I am sure had polio at some point in her life. She was bent completely over, holding herself as upright as possible, by clenching her upper leg with one hand, offering to help people as they passed by. She couldn't stand upright but was at a 90 degree angle but used no walker and was slightly off kilter as Daddy was . . . . he also had polio and was the same. She worked her shift, standing and clerking, holding on to the counter as she scanned the items. And, still, when it wasn't busy, she'd be standing, holding herself up, asking customers if she could be of assistance, all with a smile! God bless her!
This year be grateful that you have family . . . . there are so many people who are totally alone. And if you are at odds with one another, try to hold on to the good and forget the rest. Life is much too short.
This year be grateful that you have a roof over your head . . . . okay, so it isn't the lap of luxury but it provides heat and protection. I can remember Mom and Dad talking about when they were first married, they remodeled a chicken coop.
This year be grateful that you have a job  . . . . there are so many that are without and in dire circumstances. It may not be the best job or the most fulfilling job but it puts food on the table.
This year be grateful that you have a voice . . . . that you can speak freely and openly, discuss the workings of the government and criticize when you don't care for our politicians actions.
This year be grateful . . . . . . and pass it on to someone who needs a smile, a kind word, a buck or two, a word of encouragement, and a prayer. It warms the soul.
In other words, let's count our blessings. I certainly am.
May you all have a wonderful, purposeful, and joyful New Year!
God bless you all!
And a special Happy New Year to all my friends at! Thank you for all your support, help, kind words, and just for being you!!