Friday, December 4, 2009


This set is gorgeous!
~ Cocobolo wood, a beautiful exotic wood
~ Pen uses a Parker style “click” mechanism with a Parker style black gel ink refill
~ Pencil has a “super-feed” click mechanism and uses .7mm lead
~ Measurements-Pencil is 5 5/8”, pen is 5 ½”
~ 24kt gold trim
~ Shaped wider at the grip for easier handling & smoother writing
~ Beautiful satin finish, giving them a smooth texture
~ Rosewood presentation box (purchased, not made) included
~ Free shipping Stateside!
The set was hand turned by my dad who just turned 94! He does this as a hobby now and to earn a little extra. He has been an avid woodworker all his life and still has all his tools in his shop, ready to go.
This set is a keeper! Beautifully crafted and a wonderful set for a gift! Dad made me one out of Cedar and I love it!
Order it today! Stateside shipping is free! They will be mailed priority mail from Iowa, although they were made in Montana. I brought them back from Dads-he doesn’t do computers!
For more pictures of the set please click HERE.
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