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Baldacci First Family - Christmas Vintage Woodcut - Circa 1930 Ashtray



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Christmas Woodcuts of early ones of the 1800s

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Circa 1930 Art Deco Cut Glass Ashtray from Hollywood Glam era
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Warning Signs Of A Bad Thanksgiving

8. Most frequently used word at dinner: Heimlich

7. The "turkey" is wearing a dog collar.

6. Instead of "white meat or dark meat?", you are asking "bone or gristle?".

5. The thing you are most thankful for? Everyone leaving.

4. Local shop runs out of pilgrim costumes, so people dress as astronauts.

3. More than once, you deliberately try to choke on a turkey bone.

2. You are being thankful for the attractively priced combo meals at Taco Bell.

... and the #1 Warning Sign Of A Bad Thanksgiving ...

1. Turkeys are sold out, so you end up with a butterball frozen woodchuck.

Please don't stress over Thanksgiving preparations...
just relax...
and take some "ME" time on...

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Being organized is a game some people play. I used to be one of them.

   When I lived in Florida I had a much bigger home. There was a place for everything and everything was in it's place. If I wanted something I knew where to go find it. Before my husband died things did not seem to stay that way though. I think it bugged him that I was such a stickler about it. When it was organized life just seemed easier.

   I learned when you share your life with someone else things change and I had to accept some of the changes. The hardest and most aggrivating thing was always trying to find things. I would look for the vacuum cleaner and he had used it in the garage and left it there. For Christmas I got him a shop vac.

   Our bedroom and bathroom was hugh. Had his and hers closets, the bath had his and hers sinks. Amazed me how that could be so confusing to men. My closet was organized, his was not. I was trying to get his in order one day and he said "Why are you wasting your time? It will be back the way I like it in a week anyway". I left it for him just the way he wanted it.

   I guess being organized was a carry over from my single days. I always worked 2 jobs while I was single to make ends meet. So for me it was important to be able to find things fast. This went on until I was 44.

   Then when he died I was back to organization again. My closet stayed the way I wanted it, I could always find the vacuum, my dishes were where they were supposed to be. Then I decided to move to the mountains in NC. That changed a lot of things for me.

   The closets where I live now do not have the room I had before as my home now is not as big as the other one. But when I looked at this house as a potential buyer, it just felt like the right type of home for the mountains and I felt comfortabile as soon as I walked through the door. I had been to several homes for sale over a period of 3 months. Some were big and beautiful with lots of space but none felt just right. I opted for this one, made an offer and the sellers accepted it.

   It is what is called hill side home. Part of the bedroom is under the earth (back in the mountain). The top floor was an add on by the previous owners. I am just the second person to own this home. Our road is named for the man who built this home and he was also the one who did the second floor. I am guessing this was at his wifes request. So they moved the kitchen, living room, guest bedroom and bath to the second floor. First thing I did was have the wall between 2 rooms knocked out downstairs as I wanted to be able to roll over in the bed in the morning and see the mountains. And I needed the space for my bedroom set.

   When I go to bed at night I can put my hand out the window and feel the earth. I love this. But all good things must come to an end. I got married again and then I realized it was just not my husband who did not care about organization. IT IS MEN. Or at least the men I chose to share my life with.

   Now my organization is that I know what pile has what in it. If he ask me where is the electric bill, I tell him it is on his desk, on the right side under the pictures he just put there...LOL. I don't stress about any of it. There is only one thing that still bugs me and that is please put it back where you found it if you are in the kitchen. Al loves to cook. He has no idea how to work the dish washer. He does clean up after himself  and I appreciate that.....just put it back where you found it... I love to cook also and when I know the strainer is in this spot and I can't find it I think "now if I was a man where would I put it". One time I found it in his garage. WHY?

   I would not change my life at all. I thank God for my home, my husband, my family, friends and for watching over me all my life. But while I am thanking God I also ask him to remind Al to put things back where they belong. If I did that to his garage I can just see him now spending the whole day arranging things.

   Men and women have different priorities. That is my conclusion!

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Are Ya Ready For Some Football?

Get to know me and you'll find out rather quickly that I am a loyal Green Bay Packers fan. Right now it's about half an hour before kick-off... my team is set to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Lambeau Field. We've started out this season on a very impressive note! (9-0 record!) So here I am, whipping out my daily blog post while thinking of beer, brats, and tight ends.

Are ya ready for some football???

No matter which team you favor, you can find all sorts of memorabilia at, from jerseys, to trading cards, to mugs, and jewelry!

Let's take a peek! And give a shout out to your favorite player or team!

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Christmas Hint #20 -- Have A Cookie Party

Have a cookie party. When baking cookies, it’s easier to make 6 dozen of one kind than 1 dozen of 6 kinds. Get together with your cookie-baking friends and organize a swap party. Everyone brings 3 dozen cookies—2 dozen sealed up to swap—1 dozen for sampling. The cookies are placed on display.

Entertainment can be anything you want, but this is such an old-fashioned idea, simple things like reading Christmas poems and singing carols works great.

The cookies are the refreshments—all you need to serve is something to drink.

At the end of the party, everyone takes home 2 plates of cookies baked by somebody else. Now everyone has more variety for their own families.

This idea can be expanded, with more people and more cookies. If combined with the “White Elephant Game” all you need is space and drinks and the party will take care of itself.

Here's a quick way to make lots of cookies from one of our OLA family.

Something a little bit nutty...

Just sittin' here, 'bout ready to go to bed, munching on a handful of pistachios. Got me thinkin' about what's nutty at

Pin from Classic_Chloe

From annimae - earwire safety nuts!

From kornkountrytreasures some Federal Glass nut dishes

From cornerconcepts a video of Squirrel Nut Zippers - I LOVE this band!

A Mr. Peanut peanut butter making machine from piasrotty!