Sunday, May 27, 2012

The season is here!!

Okay, the past few weekends, my hubby and I have been out galavanting around different towns hitting as many garage sales and estate sales as we possibly can!! Why do we do this?? Well, we don't do it to get rich! It's a challenge to see what all we can find! We feel like treasure seekers! You just never know what's going to be there! And you don't dare miss one because that might be THE ONE!!

Well, I've been busy cleaning, taking pictures and doing research on our purchases. I'd love to keep most of it but, of course, I must pass it on!! So, come on over and see what we have to offer! More listings going up daily!!

Here are just a few!!

Darling as a 1st Christmas ornament or to hang in the room! Add the details of the child's birth!!

So cute for all those "firsts"!!

This, my hubby found!!

Great vintage item!!

This little set just jumped out at me!! Gorgeous!!

We have great new items so come on over and take a peek!! And when you are done looking in our store, wander around some of the others on!! Lots of great deals, great prices and great sellers!! Thank you!!