Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Love With Twitter!

In 1995, I created my first website, I filled it with everything I love -- gardening, knitting, butterflies, etc. I posted photos, articles, and links. I put in a forum, published my email address, then sat back and waited for all like-minded souls to find me. 17 years later, I am still waiting.

A couple of years ago, I discovered Twitter. I spent a few hours setting things up, then got frustrated because they were always overloaded. After a half-dozen error messages, I gave up and wandered away.

After our annual charity event was over, I turned my attention to marketing, and went back to Twitter, as the first stop on my campaign trail. EUREKA! With a simple search, I found pages and pages of people doing all the things I love, promoting all the things I need, and selling all the things I want. 

There were so many, I started making lists for all of them. That's when the light bulb went on! I organized my lists, put them in a table, and decided to publish the table. (See below.) Now I can promote my new Twitter friends, which helps to make new friends (followers). But that's only half the story . . .

. . . I can also use this published table to promote other places and friends. After I post this article, I will go back to Twitter and tweet a link back here, introducing my new Twitter friends to my "old" OLA friends. I think you'll like each other.

But wait, there's more! After lunch, I will go to Squidoo and post my lists over there. (Love Your Pet Expo is an approved charity at Squidoo, so they might get some ad revenue, too.) Again, I will go back to Twitter and link to that lens. Again, more exposure for my Twitter/OLA friends.

Finally, if my fingers aren't too bloody by then, I will list Twitter ads for sale on OLA, again promoting my lists. Again, I will post the link on Twitter, this time bringing my new Twitter friends directly to OLA, (where they might notice that links in listings are okay, unlike other venues). 

Okay, I'm done, now. If any of you want to do what I'm doing and need help setting things up, let me know and I'll put together a tutorial for it. Now, please check out my lists and give me a follow.

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