Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hauntings at

Here comes the holiday season,
and with it the joy of decorating!
Do you break out the pumpkins and scarecrows,
string up some lights
and play some haunting music?
I sure do, every year...
Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!
It makes the season fun!

This year I am decorating my online house, too!
is sponsoring a contest for the
Best Decorated OLA House
The contest runs from now until October 29th,
with the winner being announced on October 30th.
The Grand Prize is $100 in
OLA Auction Enhancement Credits!

So, Founding Members, what are you hanging around for?
        Get those houses decorated!                            

Keep visiting the OLA site
to see all the Spooky Stores at!
There is plenty of time to enter,
so I expect we'll see many haunted houses in the next month.
Right now there are 9 fantastic houses
entered into the competition.

Want a sneak peek?
Click on the banners below!

We hope to see you soon! Happy Halloween!

What Do You Give Out On Halloween?

I'm curious... What do you usually give out on Halloween night?

In my early years, I gave out inexpensive candy (bubble gum, Dum Dums suckers, etc.). I eventually moved up to the 'good' candy (Milky Way, Snickers, etc.). Now I give out glow stick necklaces each year. I like the glow stick necklaces because the kids love them (they put them on as soon as they get them) and the parents appreciate them, not only because their children are easily seen on the street in the dark, but because they don't have to check to make sure the 'treat' is safe for consumption.

So, what do you give out?

Mauzys Kitchen Collectibles ID Price Guide

I'm selling a good share of my Collectibles Identification, Reference, and Price Guide Books and came across this Kitchen Collectibles decided I just as well jump on the hay wagon!!


All you have to do is type in AK into the search bar between Sept. 29 - Oct. 5th.

Mauzys Kitchen Collectibles Identification Price Guide Softcover Book
Click here on Sept 29 to see it!


Will be listing other vintage kitchen items...really makes me wonder about my 'thought' process all these past years. When something got old and dull...I would toss it and buy a shiny new item. What was I thinking? Now I appreciate vintage (s'pose it is because I am vintage?) and will opt to buy vintage over shiny new Made in China!!! Buy a fine really is better!

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