Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weather, plants and a freeze

     Well as everyone knows this has been a crazy weather season. People used to snow not getting much, some getting too much and the same with rain. Some with freezing weather and some with not enough of that either.

     We did not get more than two inches of snow. We really need some rain and will hopefully get some. Was supposed to rain yesterday and did not. We have well water and if we when it gets low we start getting some grit in our taps. Need to change filter outside more often when that happens. So far we are good with that.

     Our regular season for our plants that come up every year is usually late April. Well, my hosta's are full, our dogwoods are in bloom with the wild ones down the mountian also popping out. If we get a freeze the hosta's are done for however the dog woods will survive.

      The radishes I planted two weeks ago are coming up already. The scallions are showing no sign of growth. I start these from seeds. My hubby's potato plants he put in are not doing anything but it takes them a while anyway, although we have volunteers coming from last years plantings. He is waiting to put in cherry tomato, regular tomato, squash and green bell peppers.  I want to try some silver queen corn this year also.

     With the weather being near 80 for over a week it can be scary as the last time this happened we had a hard freeze in late April. That hard freeze took out a lot of plants and I am not looking forward to replacing 73 hosta plants should they get hit. Even my angel trumpet plant is ready to pop. It can be moved inside if that happens.    
      If you know what Kudzu is there are people here who are now using it for feed for their animals. Some even cook it and eat it themselves. I am not interested, thank you. There are also wild ramps that grow here and from what I have been told about them I am not interested in them either.

     This has been the strangest year and it will be interesting to see what survives. If you plant a food garden I hope you fair well. For those of you who do not plant some of your own veggies, you are missing all the great benefits of planting it, nurturing it, watching it thrive and finally picking it and having the best you can get and the pride of doing it yourself.
     So for me I will continue to pray for no hard freeze. Too much to lose but then some would love to see colder weather for a while longer. It is beautiful here today and hoping it stays that way.

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Two Eaglets Hatched!!

Well, while I was puttering away in the house, the Decorah eagles were busy hatching their eggs!! Two have successfully hatched with one that they are still lovingly waiting on. You can watch the video and check it out! It is awesome!!

Last year, thousands of people watched as these two eagles successfully hatched three eggs. They are naming them in an unlikely fashion D1, D2 and so on. D12 and D13 are the latest. The  Raptor Resource Project has been filming eagles like this for five years now, according to Bob Anderson.

Anderson is proud of another eagle project, D1. D1 was from the Decorah Eagles brrod last year.  She has been fitted with a solar powered satellite tracking device which allows us to track her. The bird was in northern Wisconsin, the Boundary Waters, and then returned to Decorah December 29th, 2011. Anderson said  “As of last night D1 was south of Spillville, Iowa on the Turkey River.”

Once the site comes up, I will add it to the post so that you can track D1 on her journey!!

It is such a wonderful adventure watching these beautiful birds!! Enjoy!!

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