Sunday, October 30, 2011

A poem, some might say

This is how I came about writing the following poem which has been published. My deceased husband and I were on a trip. I was driving the motor home as he did not like to drive it. I loved to drive it. We towed a hot pink tracker behind it and I had a lot of fun with that little buggy.

We were driving down the road one night ( I like driving at night) and we were in Colorado. Phil had been sleeping and when he woke up I was driving and writing on an envelope I found on the dash. He was horrified that I did not have both hands on the wheel. That is one reason I like to drive at night.....less traffic plus he slept a lot LOL. He yelled at me to pull over. I did so and he wanted to know what I was writing and I told him it was about things I see. Long story short on that one. He stayed awake and I continued to drive but not write while I did so.

The finished product is posted below. Now I thought it was funny. I was not serious when I wrote it. I have been asked if I would let a band make a song out of it and I think to myself "what are you on?" LOL I do not think anyone in their right mind would want to touch this as a song. I was wrong.

And now the poem


Roadkill, fire up the grill
if you won't tell, I'll cool it to sell
we'll get us a stand by the side of the road
go out every night for another load.

Fry up some taters, bake some beans
cook up a mess of colored greens
put it on a plate with all those things
and tell 'em it's chicken without wings.

Roadkill it's free game, if we beat the buzzards to it
we'll give it a name. put it on the menu and
put it on a plate and never tell the customers
what they just ate.

Help me with this pig, it sure is fat
get us a lot of meat outta that
it'll be special just for Sunday
freeze the leftovers first thing Monday.

Go over there and get that tire tread
we'll hide it tween 2 pieces of bread
and get that frog, we'll flatten it's head
put it in some blatter, fry it in fat
tell them folks they just gotta try that.

Now we don't want no armadillo,
I heard tell that'll kill ya
we want our eaters coming back
not carried out in a body sack.

Author-Jo Ann M. Cathey
copywrite 2000

Now you know why I did not put it in the talent section. I was floored when it got published and I was even more floored when a band wanted to make it a song. I did not give them the rights to it as it was just stuff that came across my mind while we were driving across the US.

After you read that I hope you realize that I am still that same person, just a couple of years older. Some things I think are funny others might think just ain't right. People say you are as young as you act...well then I ain't gettin'old cuz I love funny stuff too much.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog. Please feel free to leave me a comment and I promise you if I ever invite you to dinner it will not be after we just took a trip.

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