Monday, October 17, 2011

Recession Proof Your Budget....How to Afford New Underwear or Clothes

It was last week when I was folding laundry that I noticed the white elastic showing on the waist of my blue underwear and the 'air' holes in the backend.  Guess it's time for some new 'hinder covering'.  I first checked at Online Auction but couldn't find my brand.

I further searched....JC Penney was next...yep, I found them....Photobucket....$18.00 a pair. Were these now special made out of 2000 thread count cotton? Nope. It's gonna take some serious budgeting to come up with enough coins to buy a pair and a spare!

That's truly when it dawned on's true.....the dollar is shrinking....Photobucket

I have discovered some men's boxers that are new (I bought some for my son-in-law) and they are a bargain......take a look....Photobucket $2.99 for 3 pair...Price can't be beat! CLICK HERE to View This Item offered by yogibear66.

Well that takes care of the husband.   What else can I find that will help recession proof my budget.  There is certainly nothing wrong with reusing or re-purposing gently used clothing.  Quite often new clothing can be found at a fraction of the original price.

What to do if you have kids? Check this out...Photobucket This sweater is new with tags and is ONLY $1.00....CLICK HERE to View This Item being offered by redsbargainbarn.

There are many many more items that are true bargains to be had all over Online Auction.

This is a ladies sweater new with tags that has a starting price of $1.00....PhotobucketCLICK HERE to View This Item offered by vermonter53.

I will be listing a Cabella's Men's Jean Jacket this week that sells for upwards of $60 and I will be listing it for less than $10.00.  Watch for it at Supergrannys Treasures

In your quest to clothe your family don't overlook Online Auction as well as your local thrift stores. Have fun.....start your Christmas shopping now......

Speaking of Christmas Gifts...Online Auction has some works by very talented artists. Here's a couple of examples...handpainted saw by Annimae....Photobucket Z'anne of zannesbazaar gives birth to some fine artistic jewelry...this is just one example Photobucket

Candles, sporting goods, collectible sports cards and coins, pottery, tobacciana, fabric, craft supplies and finished crafts, etc. Forget the traffic and panicky people and shop at home....Online Auction

How about each family member taking $10 or $20 and all take turns shopping at OLA.   Now that would be fun even if they were shopping for the best white elephant gift!  Have fun........................