Friday, February 25, 2011

Ceramic Frog Planter in Iridescent Turquoise

It's time to get back to work! I took an extended holiday... been lazing about since Thanksgiving! But I'm back and reducing prices, re-listing treasures, revamping the store, and researching new product.

The first to be featured is this lovely Ceramic Frog Planter in Iridescent Turquoise. I acquired it from a vintage collectibles dealer at a flea market in Iowa, with my good friend and fellow OLA seller, DraggonTagger. I don't have much history on it, but as you can see, it is just the cutest little planter ever. It's got the most striking colors! (Almost like a piece of Carnival Glass.)

The price has been reduced to only $9 and I'll ship it to you at the exact cost for USPS Priority Mail. All the details are in the listing.

Click here  --> I want more info on this Ceramic Frog Planter in Iridescent Turquoise!

And don't forget to browse more vintage collectibles at Fleapirates Plunder!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We have some French Crocheted dishcloths up for sale! These are nice and airy, easy to dry, and have a little more "scrub" power! Each are about 13 1/2" across! Choose which one you want! If this doesn't interest you, please stop in our store and browse! We have LOTS to offer!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Your Pet Expo 2011

Love Your Pet Expo is now a 501c3 nonprofit corporation. We're working on our 5th annual pet-friendly event in Northern California and gathering donations for our charity auction. We're also starting a fundraiser for the special needs animals at our sanctuary. (We specialize in the blind ones.)

This listing is for a canvas goodie bag that's loaded with donations from our generous supporters. (Your purchase is a tax deductible donation -- all proceeds go to the animals.)

Monday, February 14, 2011


Guess what!!! It’s time for February’s Scavenger Hunt on OLA!!!!

Just click HERE to get to the chat posting giving all the rules!

Sign-ups run from now until February 19th. You must o-mail your clue, item number, and title of item to me by midnight, Central Standard Time, on Saturday, February 19th. The clues will be posted sometime in the afternoon on the 20th. The game will run through Sunday, February 27th at midnight (CST). The winner(s) will be announced on Monday, February 28th . The object is to read a clue, and search through the players' listings to find the item that matches the clue. Simple, right? He-he Not so fast!!!

We have new people coming in this month which will make it more interesting!!! Come on, give it a try!!!!
I will be the hostess. Since I am the hostess, I can't play but I do get to give 5 clues! I invite you to take an advance peek at my store. Just go to Korn Kountry Treasures! Maybe you will find something that you simply can't do without!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!