Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vintage Mistletoe Maple Syrup Glass Decanter Bottle

This is an awesome decanter!! It once held Mistletoe Maple Syrup, produced by Bliss Syrup Refining Co, Kansas City, MO.

The decanter is approximately 9 ¼” high with the stopper in. The base is about 3 3/8” across. Stopper is glass and about 3 ¼” long. The label is worn but you can still see the printing.

I knew about the promotional dishes put in soap boxes, in oatmeal and even the peanut butter in glass dishes but didn’t realize they also packaged syrup in pretty glass containers!! But, then again, plastic wasn't in use yet and they had to try to make the item appealing to the American housewife!!

From what I have found, Bliss Syrup Refining Company is no longer in business. All I could find on the on the internet is information on various court cases regarding copyright back in the early ‘20’s. I checked with the library in Kansas City.

The Bliss Manufacturing Company is first listed in 1895, but Samuel Bliss is listed as a syrup manufacturer beginning in 1883. The last year the Bliss Sugar Refining Company is listed in the directory was in 1949. So this bottle is older than I am!!

I also checked with ST Albans, Vermont, which is also on the label. I came up with a dead end here except to find out that they had the bottles brought in for packaging. So, I am not sure who made the bottle!! I do know that it is probably pretty rare to still find the label on the bottle!!

This is a great bottle/decanter!! In very good condition!! I did not find any chips or cracks, not even in the stopper!! There are a couple of rough spots but this is common in this type of glassware.

I absolutely love old, vintage items!! It's a piece of the past that is disappearing so when I do find something like this, it gives me pause to think . . . . . and I suppose that's why I love selling on!! I get to pass these treasures on to people who love them as much as I do! And I don't pay exorbitant fees to list or final value fees!! Ha!! That, too, is a thing of the past for me! I pay one fee, once a year, of $96.00!! For LIFE!! They will NEVER raise the price on me!!

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