Friday, April 25, 2014

Time Out For KITTENS!

One of the best things about living at an animal sanctuary is playing with kittens. We foster at least one pregnant mama every year. This time, she’s a beautiful medium-long haired lynx-point Siamese mix. Coco is only a year old with a sweet disposition. She’s a great mom, and already spoken for when the babies are gone.

Now for some trivia: A female dog is a bitch. What do they call a mother cat? (The answer is at the end of this post.)

Coco gave us 4 gorgeous, healthy babies, on April 7. Here she is with the babies when they were only a day old.

Here are the babies when they were just starting to open their eyes.

Now they're 18 days old. They're starting to take a little interest exploring, but they haven't figured out how to use their legs, yet.

Coco and her family are guests at the Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals. The extra nutritious food we're giving Coco costs over $2 per day. Donations are always welcome.

Love Your Pet Expo Sanctuary now has a new blog. Please visit and post a comment.

If you can’t have a real kitten, here are some collector plates, figurines, and other kitten-themed products for sale

Answer to trivia question: A lactating female cat is called a queen.