Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow has finally arrived!

Well, winter is finally here with the snow! It has been so unusual this year that this is the first time the grandkids have been able to go sledding in the ditch!

Since it has been so mild, I am surprised that they were able to come up with any warm gear! Perhaps I'd better start gathering up more. Lots of great buys on!

I love these fun, fancy PINK FASHION FANCY FUN FUR FLUFFY HAT & SCARF from Uneekbouteek! She has other beautiful colors and ships them free!!

  from Plusizeglamor!

This Heather Isle Tartan Lambswool Fringed Scarf is just one of the very special lambswool scarves offered by For Everything Genealogy! Many other beautiful colors to choose from!

Ash-Lee-Varieties has this LOT OF "12" SCULL/WINTER HATS "NEW" which will give a lot to choose from and many more winter items besides!!

So, if you're still looking for those nice warm accessories, check out! Winter isn't done yet by any means!

And please check out our store, KornKountryTreasures! We'd be delighted to have you stop in!

Thank you!