Saturday, August 15, 2009

Firefighting Collectibles

We collect firefighting collectibles. This hobby started, naturally, since my husband is a firefighter. We love hunting for firefighting collectibles at antique shops, yard sales, thrift shops, etc. Sometimes people will give my husband something fire-related, because he is a great guy; sometimes he receives gifts for his birthday, etc. Some things he has doubles of, but if I try to get him to part with a duplicate item, it's usually a no-go. I won't even discuss the number of large, vintage fire extinguishers we have in our basement, since we have no room to display them upstairs. We have tried to confine this wonderful collection to one room in our house, but pieces do spill over to other places, as this one room is pretty full.
So here are a few pictures of just a part of our collection of firefighting memorabilia.

I currently have just one firefighting item for sale on OLA. It is a reproduction firefighter shaving mug, shown at the beginning of this post. Of course, we already have one (or two) of these in the collection. Other sellers also have some pretty neat firefighting collectibles and memorabilia for sale.

Click here to view the listing for the reproduction firefighter shaving mug.

Click here to visit my OLA Store.


Aesthetics48 said...

Wow! Now that is some collection!

kidatheart10 said...

Thanks! And there's more, collected over many years! One thing I forgot to show hubby's firefighter Barbie doll, LOL!