Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scarce Herend Rothschild Bird Individual Salt Dip or Salt Cellar

Have you ever seen, or heard of, Herend Rothschild Bird pattern china? This pattern has been made since the 1850s-1860s, and it is still made today, by the Hungarian company Herend. All pieces are handpainted on white porcelain and trimmed with gold, and each piece is considered a work of art. There are twelve different scenes found on pieces, all depicting birds and insects. The story behind the pattern is that it was based on tales about the Baroness Rothschild losing a pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna estate. Some time later, her gardener found the necklace in a tree, where birds were playing with it.
Here I have a scarce Herend Rothschild Bird Individual salt dip or salt cellar. It features the Rothschild birds, in a tree, playing with the necklace. On the inside of the piece, and also on the outside, are various other garden creatures, such as butterflies and beetles. All of these have been carefully and beautifully hand-painted. I don't imagine this would be easy to accomplish on such a tiny piece! Size is approx. only 1-1/2" high, with a top diameter of approx. 2-5/8", and a base diameter of approx. 1-1/4". It has the "Herend Hungary Handpainted" mark on the bottom, along with numbers and letters.

I believe this is a somewhat scarce piece of Herend Rothschild, as I have searched and searched, and could not find another piece like it on the Internet. It is in like new condition, with no chips or damage. Adorable addition to any collection!

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STUBSINC said...

This is a beautiful salt cellar!!

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