Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tea Leaf Variant Elsmore Pepperleaf Ironstone Bowl

Tea Leaf ironstone dishes were made in England first, and then America, beginning around the mid-nineteenth century. Sturdy white ironstone dishes were decorated with a copper luster design, usually in the form of a tea leaf. Finding a whole tea leaf in the bottom of a cup was considered a sign of good luck, so that is where the tea leaf decorating idea is said to have originated. Companies used other designs on ironstone pieces-these other designs are called "tea leaf variants."
This post is about a special antique bowl that is available for purchase at onlineauction.com. It is an ironstone bowl, and it is decorated with a tea leaf variant design, pepper leaf. In researching this bowl, it was difficult to find many examples of pepperleaf. This English bowl was made by Elsmore, and dates to circa 1872-1887. Collectors know ironstone/tea leaf pieces made by Elsmore & Forster; apparently, Elsmore had separated from his partner, Forster, when this bowl was made. From my research, ironstone/tea leaf oval serving bowls are also an uncommon find.

I would love to put this beautiful, rare, antique bowl in the hands of a collector who will appreciate and enjoy it. Difficult to put a value on a unique piece; price is certainly negotiable.

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