Monday, August 17, 2009

Vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass Maple Leaf Candy Box and Scarce Mother of Pearl Paneled Grape Tidbit Tray

Westmoreland Glass, in business from 1889-1984, is one of my favorite vintage glass companies. I always seem drawn to this company's glassware, especially their milk glass pieces. Their most popular milk glass line is called Paneled Grape; this pattern features grape clusters in panels. (Incidentally, Westmoreland was located in the community of Grapeville, PA.)
Shown above is a milk glass Paneled Grape tidbit tray or server, and this one has the beautiful, iridescent, mother-of-pearl finish. This piece is considered scarce. It is available for purchase at
Click here to view the listing for the Westmoreland mother-of-pearl Paneled Grape tidbit server.

Another smaller milk glass pattern made by Westmoreland is called Maple Leaf or Bramble. This pattern features an all-over leaf design, and it is not found as easily as Paneled Grape. Available for purchase is the round, covered candy box or dish; I also have the cupped bowl available in this pretty pattern.
Click here to view the listing for the Westmoreland Maple Leaf candy dish. (Note: Maple Leaf pieces have been sold.)

Click here to see other Westmoreland Glass items I currently have available.


Fleapirates said...


Hehe... I think I should start a personal collection of milk glass pieces! ;)

kidatheart10 said...

My latest addition to my milk glass collection is a two piece, round milk glass dish that is shaped like a BASEBALL! It's not made by Westmoreland, but it's a pretty cool item!