Tuesday, September 29, 2009

King Tom Turkey An American Tradition Sauce Gravy Boat for Thanksgiving

Here I have a wonderful King Tom Turkey An American Tradition Sauce Gravy Boat. This item consists of 3 pieces-bottom, lid, and ladle. The pattern is called King Tom, and it is marked on the bottom: "KING TOM An American Tradition Hand Decorated underglaze genuine ironstone". This sauce boat is decorated with transfers of turkeys and fall fruits and vegetables. There is also a feather-like design on the handles, attached saucer, and ladle handle. The rounded dish has two curved handles on the side, and the underplate is attached. The lid has a figural turkey head as the finial, with a cut-out for the ladle to come through. With the lid in place on the dish, the dish handles look like the turkey's wings, and the ladle looks like tail feathers. Simply an adorable and hard-to-find item from this line. There are no chips on the lid, ladle, or bottom dish. The bottom dish has quite a bit of crazing (as this pattern is known for), but no chips or cracks. The lid has just very minor crazing, and no cracks or chips. The ladle has no chips or cracks, and no noticeable crazing, either. Overall size is approx. 8" tall, measuring to the top of the turkey's head, and it is about 7" in diameter.

This King Tom Turkey An American Tradition Sauce Gravy Boat is available for purchase at www.onlineauction.com . Shipping and insurance is included in the purchase price.

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Fleapirates said...

Wow, that is beautiful! I have never seen such an interesting gravy boat!

You have the neatest items, Kid! :)

kidatheart10 said...

This item has been sold.