Monday, September 21, 2009

OLA Team Blog Policies


I have received some questions about the OLA Team Blog Policies. As long as you are an author on the OLA Team Blog you may post to the Blog.

Here are the Rules for the OLA Team Blog:

(1) You must be an active seller at

(2) Only promote OLA

(3) You must post at least one article and one comment every 7 days

(4) No trash talking other selling venues

(5) Links must be to your own OLA House or OLA Listings

(6) All links must open up to a new pop up window to show website (That way viewers are not taken away from the OLA Team Blog)

(7) You can post any article that would be interesting to OLA Members as long as it does not advertise or link to another selling venue website.

(8 ) If a Team Member has already posted an article about a specific OLA Event, please do not post a duplicate article about the same event.

We reserve the right to remove any link or article that does not follow the rules or contains content not suitable for all ages.

Non participating members will have their store/auction links removed from the OLA Team Blog Sidebar.

So Please, Blog away….Have a Great Night!!!!


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