Sunday, September 6, 2009’s Blog of the Month Award

I just want to say Thank You to for awarding my Stubsinc’s Blog the coveted OLA Blog of the Month. I was really surprised, and very honored to have won. Thank you for the Great Placement on OLA’s Home Page!

I started the Stubsinc Online Auction Blog in December 2008. I did a lot of research to figure out how to blog. The best information that I found on creating and customizing a Blogger blog was on You Tube. The videos below will give you all the basics that you need to create and customize you own blog:

“How to create a blog with Blogger”

“Customizing Your Blogger Template”

You may be thinking about starting a blog yourself, but are not sure what you want to blog about. In my blog I wanted to spotlight the item listings that were for sale. This is very easy to do and takes about 5 minutes to post an item to the blog. Just open the auction listings that you would like to add, copy and paste the title and description to the blog, add a picture, your auction link and you are done.

I signed up for google alerts because I wanted to see how fast my blog posts were getting into google base. Google Alerts will send you an email when the criteria that you used in your alerts are found on Google. I used Stubsinc as my search term, comprehensive as the type, and I chose once a day for the emails. This helps me understand how well my blog posts are feeding into Google.

Amazingly, each time that I post to my blog, or the OLA Team Blog, I receive a Google Alert within hours, telling me about the blog post. Since I have included a link to the auction listings I am blogging about, I will have a greater chance of directing potential buyers to these items.

It is very important to use great keywords in your blog post. Also, use the “Labels for this post” box on the bottom of your “New Post”. In this box, I use the most important keywords of the blog post,,, and stubsinc. It is just another way to advertise and bring more traffic to Online Auction.

Thanks again OLA!



kidatheart10 said...

Congrats, stubsinc!

Aesthetics48 said...

Congratulations!!!!!! One heck of a placement :)