Saturday, September 19, 2009

SALES and SPECIALS at Online Auction!

The Sellers at are just such busy beavers, setting up Sales and Specials.
Starting on September 24st and on September 29th there will be two scheduled Sales.

The Everything Free Shipping starts on September 24st and will run through October 1st. For one full week these Sellers will be offering FREE Shipping on their Classic and Fixed Price listings.

To find these wonderful deals just type ’Free Shipping’ into OLA’s Search Bar!


The Second Sale, you Ask? Is all about Kitchens. Here are the details.

Again, Search is going to be really simple because all you have to do is type ‘AK’ in the OLA Search Bar and all of these great items will pop up. Easy as pie!

You are welcome to take a peek at my store too.

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Fleapirates said...

Lots going on at OLA! Yay! Thanks Aesthetics!

STUBSINC said...

Lots of Sales going on at!!!! You did a Great Job on the Banners!!!

MetzyMom said...

Nice work on those banners!

davendeb1178 said...

Awesome job!! Thank you so much Aesthetics!!!