Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garden History Chapter Thirteen

SPRING Chronicled 2008!
The birds are arriving and my plum tree is in full bloom. With all of its problems, it didn’t die.
The Hibiscus plants that I keep indoors all winter will be much happier when I am able to move them outside again. I don’t put them out if the night time temps are below 50 degrees. They cannot take the cold.

Now, the most recent picture of the garden. Hubby got the tiller out and got the soil turned. Isn’t that the prettiest dark soil you ever did see? I’ll be taking the kolrabi out of the cold frame and transplanting them when they are just a little bigger.

A clean slate again. Through the summer photos and blog coming soon.


kidatheart10 said...

Looks like you have a green thumb there!

Aesthetics48 said...

kid..... it is an ever on going project that hopefully produced a little something to eat. Thanks for the post. :)

kidatheart10 said...

Well, I have absolutely no green in my thumbs at all, so I admire those who do. :)