Friday, October 9, 2009

Garden History Chapter Twelve

Only a month later, these snaps were taken on Feb.12,08.
The jonquils are getting ready to open. These border the entire fence, hope I didn’t repeat myself! Narcissus are already open, too.
Must be their location!I can’t believe they are open before the snowbells. Must be their location!
This is the updated picture of the Mahonia (Oregon Grape) which is in full bloom.
And the Winter Daphin (just know I have been spelling this name wrong). Wow, those tiny blossoms have such a beautiful fragrance, shame I can’t share it with you. If it weren’t so cold I could sit on the patio and enjoy the smell just a little longer.

Now, Here is a picture of the crazy cold frame that my hubby puts together every year. It is made of cut plexiglas that he gets from work. They are old golf cart windshields. But they really work well as a cold frame too! I did have to put a couple of bricks on the top because it got so windy the other day.
Just goes to show ya, you can use a lot of recycled stuff to accomplish what you would like to do.

Of course I had to get a close up of the lettuce radishes and kohlrabies. Not too sure about the state of the broccoli. The seeds might have been too old. I think I see only about 5 broccoli plants.

That’s it for the latest part of the saga.

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