Sunday, October 4, 2009

KENMORE Steamer Frying Pan Barbecue BBQ Skillet AK

Up for sale is this awesome Never Been Used KENMORE Frying pan. It is a steamer type of frying pan. It could be used inside of another pan or by itself over a BBQ. Great for roasting vegetable or stirfry (shrimp) over a BBQ grill. I have had this pan for some time but have never used it. It has been sitting in my cupboard there are a few very minute minor marks in the inside bottom just from having something sitting in it but nothing big. It is teflon coated. There are holes all over the entire pan. This is such a cool pan.

The skillet is 12" across. The handle is detachable.

Any questions please ask.

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STUBSINC said...

This is a Great Pan!!! It's a deal for only $9.99!

davendeb1178 said...

It really is (was)sold it during the Anything Kitchen sale :)

STUBSINC said...

That's great davendeb1178!!!