Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starbucks Smoking Deal

Starbucks Smoking Deal

My Starbucks Supplier called and has received a huge surplus of Starbucks coffee bags in the 12 ounce size. I am planning to make a run out there Saturday and thought I'd check to see if anyone wanted me to pick them up a particular type. I believe his biggest surplus is in decaf, but he has lots of regular too.

Minimum order is 6 bags, which will cost $24.00 (that's $4.00 per bag instead of the $12.00 per bag you would pay in the grocery store plus it's EXACTLY what he's charging... so I have added no mark up... consider it my Christmas Present to you). Six bags fit perfectly into a Priority Flat Rate Box, which ships for $10.00... so your total cost for 6 bags of Starbucks Coffee delivered right to your door is going to be $34.00 (average retail for the 6 bags alone is $72.00 if you buy them in your local grocery store).

Send me an Omail with the type of Starbucks you'd like me to look for (example: House Blend, Morning Horizons, Columbian, Expresso, etc. Sorry, the Christmas Blend is not available... EVER... lol), if you'd like regular or decaf, if you'd like whole bean or ground, how many bags you'd like (remember, groups of 6). If you have a second choice, let me know that too... or on the other hand, if you are only interested in one kind, let me know that too.

I doubt that you will see this kind of offer again. I usually get this for $6 a bag from my own use, but because my supplier got so much in this month, he is discounting it to the $4.00 per bag price.

One very cool reason to take advantage of this offer is because if you order 6 bags, you can keep one for yourself, and then take the other 5 and put them in a basket with 2 dollar store mugs, wrap it in cellophane and give them as nice gifts this Christmas. People will think you spent $25 or $30 on them, when you can actually do the entire basket for about $8 (that includes the coffee!).

Well, let me know if there is a certain kind of Starbucks you'd like me to look for by omailing me through User name MetzyMom. I will make a list and try to get what you ask for. If I am able to get your choice(s), I will omail you when I have your order and set up the listing at that time for you to purchase.

This offer is only good for buyers and sellers. You must have at least a free buyer account at to get this deal. So sign up today at today!

This offer expires Saturday at NOON PACIFIC TIME.

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