Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NEW 8-) America Gods Country 3-D

This is a hand scroll sawn art plaque made one line at a time, we do not use a laser, just out saws, this is a wonderful plaque with the great phrase AMERICA GODS COUNTRY on the top and bottom frames with hand cut trees a big buck deer, a mountain with clouds and a grand Eagle over all, these are carefully cut and glued one piece at a time and then glued up in sections, this takes a lot of time to cut and then put together, it was made of 2 solid wood, Oak and walnut, the colors are all natural no stain put on them, we then finished it with 4 coats of poly for complete protection, it has a center hanger on the back for easy hanging.

The size if this piece is 13 3/4" X 10" X 1"

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Fleapirates said...

Oh wow... now that is beautiful! One of my favorite pieces!