Monday, November 9, 2009

Service is free, and so is shipping

:) We have been struggling with the shipping prices seeing those that have high shipping and handling prices, and also seeing those that don't charge at all, after thinking about this for some time, as a kid growing up in central Ne and around my dad's filling station where we went out and pumped your gas, checked your oil, and aired your tires for you, just becaused you bought your gas from us, this was the price you paid for doing business, now days there seem to be a charge for every thing, so here at LFWoodWorking we have decided that we are turning our clock's back years not just hours, the price you see is the total price you pay and the service is free.
We just hope that people will remember the good old times and the young that don't get to injoy it to.
I want every one that does business with me will go away feeling like they got more than they paid for.
Stop by and check out what we have listed and we will be adding more soon to, so make sure to check back soon and often.
Rick :)

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