Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nor’Easter Videos – A Personal Experience

Northeaster Storm or the Nor’ Easter.
What a mess and this is our personal experience. It always seems like the worst things happen when you are asleep.
I shot these very unprofessional video clips to chronicle specifically for this blog. Then life got in the way and I forgot. Till we got hit with another storm! And, another flood. Not the same kind of storm but unrelenting rains on an already saturated ground.
We are in a low area. We can do high tides on their own and we can handle ground saturation in a stand-alone situation. When we get both at the same time, forget it, it’s all over and the basement will flood. :(
This is a four-part video show.
Part One is of the heavy rains and standing water.

Part Two is of the 4 inches of water that arrived in the basement and a clip of the high water from the river covering the road into our neighborhood, making it impassible.

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