Saturday, December 5, 2009

Porcelain Dolls from Victorian Rose and Cameo Rose Holiday Collections

Available for purchase at are two different beautiful porcelain dolls, both in their original packages. Both would make wonderful gifts for a loved one, or for a gift to yourself if you love to collect dolls!

The first is a set consisting of 2 Porcelain Dolls in Box from the Cameo Rose Holiday Collection. There is a large doll, and then there is a smaller dolly. Both are dressed in beautiful co-ordinating velvet and gold dresses. Behind them, there is a Christmas tree on the cardboard background. These dolls were designed by Melissa Jane, and dated 1997.

The second doll offered is a Porcelain Doll in Box from Victorian Rose Angel Collection . This doll is wearing a white lacey gown with gold accents. She has a golden snowflake-type ornament dangling from one wrist. She has gold-color angel wings, and she has lots of pretty curls. The box says this doll was a Limited Collectors' 1996 Edition.

Click here to see more details about these 2 Porcelain Dolls in Box from the Cameo Rose Holiday Collection.

Click here to see more details about this Porcelain Doll in Box from Victorian Rose Angel Collection .

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Jenna J. said...

I am trying to look up information on a doll I bought for my grandmother. The doll and the smaller doll look exactly like the top picture. They are the 1997 Holiday Edition by Melissa Jane--Cameo Rose Collection.

Since the dolls come without a box, I just want to verify their names--or do they have one? Do you know if they have x amount dolls made (i.e. only 1000 made)?

My grandmother loves to collect porcelain dolls, and I saw these and they are so beautiful! I bought it at a garage sale.

I realize this post is from last year (Dec. 5, 2009), but I would appreciate any help on this! Thanks!

kidatheart10 said...

Hi, Jenna!

I no longer have the dolls in my possession, but if you copy and paste the link below, it will take you to the old listing I had for the 2 porcelain dolls that are like the ones you picked up.

The old listing has two pictures that show some of the wording on the box.

Here's the link to the old listing:

They are a very pretty pair of dolls-I am sure your grandmother will love them! I do not know if the dolls had specific names-I don't think so; I am also not sure how many were made.

I wish I had more information for you, but perhaps by knowing the maker, name, and year, you will be able to find another set on the Internet with additional information.

You can also click on the picture in this post for a larger picture of the dolls in their box.

Regards, Karin