Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Button, Button Who's Got the Button?

What is Hot for 2010?


Pin Back Buttons, Glass Buttons, Plastic
Buttons, Metal Buttons, Tiny Buttons, Big Buttons!

All Sizes and Shapes of Buttons are Exciting
and New.

All are Button-licious!

And, best, and most important, Most Buttons
are AFFORDABLY Priced!

pearlbuttons.jpg (66194 bytes)

Buttons on Cards with GREAT Graphics can be
had for Framing...

Buttons make super gifts, too!

And, are terrific cross-collectibles, like the
Vintage Golf Lady Washington Mother-of-Pearl buttons featured in the picture above. It is
not too early to think of Father's Day, or Birthday Gifts for this year, you know!

brass.jpg (60364 bytes)

BIG BRASS Buttons for those Felting Craft
projects! Handbags, Shawls, or Sweaters...

Guaranteed Vintage!

carvedshell2.jpg (40826 bytes)

Check my Auctions on OLA for MORE BUTTONS.

loop1.jpg (50525 bytes)

I have been an avid Button Collector for my
entire life, and I am selling my entire collection this spring.

mount31.jpg (40653 bytes)

I have thousands! Celluloid, and more.

More to come about Buttons!

Button, Button, Who's Got the

I do!


Come Get them NOW!

Classic_ Chloe


kidatheart10 said...

My Mom had a container with all kinds of old buttons-I loved looking and playing with all the pretty buttons when I was a kid, lol!

MetzyMom said...

My Grandmother always had a big jar full of buttons... and so do I! It has savd the day many, many times!

I've often thought about collecting buttons!