Thursday, January 21, 2010

Post Cards -- the New Antique

Post Cards...

For a few cents or for many dollars, Post
Cards have been FAVORITE Collectibles for over a HUNDRED years now. They are now
falling into the TRUE ANTIQUES CATEGORY!

Greetings, Often Short and Happy

GardenPC.jpg (83144 bytes)

With News, Sometimes Sad.

GunnPC.jpg (77375 bytes)

Some Suitable for Framing,

violetpc.jpg (103472 bytes)

Some Fancy,

birthdaypc.jpg (72868 bytes)

Some Plain,

phs.jpg (45180 bytes)

Some Reminescent of Places,

range.jpg (14587 bytes)

And Times (of War)...

wr.jpg (34618 bytes)

And some Photo Post Cards just downright is this one of W.R. Willey, with his animals!

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Antique and Vintage Collectible Post Cards from all categories. I am selling my
entire collection as fast as I can put them on!

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Supergranny said...

You're right, post cards are fun to collect. Bits of history and former way of life can be found on them.

Madeline said...

And, they are still as interesting today as they were back in the day!

CurioCache said...

Those are wonderful postcards! Especially the last that kinda weirdness!

MetzyMom said...

I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE! You always hold my attention from beginning to end!